Our Top 13 Horse Accounts To Follow!

Need some new inspiration on your Instagram account? We have it for you! Our list is piled up of all our favorite horse based accounts. From Tik Tok to Facebook we got you covered. You can never have to many favorite accounts to follow.


1. Karl Cook

 Showjumper Karl Cook is as talented as he is witty. Take a look at his Instagram to stay up to date with his achievements as well as his popular series "Walking and Talking" where he discussing various topics about the circuit, industry, and training in general. 

2. Elisa Wallace

Elisa Wallace is a 5* eventer most known for her top horse Simply Priceless and her work with mustangs! Follow along for training updates for both her event horses and mustangs.

3. Colby's Crew Rescue

 Stay up to date with the awesome Colby's Crew Rescue. 

4. Equine and Design

 One of our favorite new local boutiques out at TIEC!


5. S***eventersunite


If you're ever feeling discouraged about your riding, just hop over this page and instantly feel better! Riders (including top competitors) from all over the world share their "riding fails" to show that we all have bad days!

6. Kizzy & Etties Pony Adventures

Cute kids. Cute ponies. Crazy adventures. What more could you ask for? The adorable and gritty Kizzy and Ettie are sure to make you smile!

7. Equestrians are Crackheads Change My Mind


8. A Group Where We Roast Our Horses For Being Dumb and Useless

 We've all been there with our horses, am I right? 

9. A Horse Named Pilot

 Because we all love minis! 


10. "Evan Donadt Dressage Groom" 


 Straight up hilarious content that any horse lover will relate to. 

11. "Jillian Faith" 


Follow to see the trials and tribulations of Jill and her horse June as they live the Adult Ammy life!

12. "Alex"ZAN"dra"


Educational and entertaining with that strong horse girl energy we love!

13. "Tara O'Driscoll"



Tara speaks what lives inside our heads on the daily!

And of course, we have to plug ourselves! Make sure to stay connected with us on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok! Did we miss any of your favorites? Comment down below if you have a must share favorite account!

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November 08, 2021

We love following rowley_ranch. They are an animal rescue service.

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