The Equestrian Guide To Stock Ties

by Lizzie Lengling August 11, 2020 2 min read

How to tie a stock tie



How to Tie a Stock Tie?

We get this question all the time, so...

We made a handy video so you can learn to tie a stock tie like a pro! 


Whether you’re getting ready for a hunter derby, dressage test, or a morning out on the hunt field… almost every equestrian can agree… the most frustrating part of formal attire is the dreaded stock tie. 

You knot, you pull, you fluff, and you pin, but no matter how hard you try, the tie just doesn’t look right. You’re not alone, we’ve all been there, so read on for the ultimate equestrian guide to stock ties. Learn about the different types of ties, why we wear them, and the secret behind tying them!

Origin of Stock Ties

The use of stock ties originated as part of the formal attire in fox hunting. The design of the tie was simple, yet practical, so in case of emergency the tie could be removed and used as a sling for a broken arm, or even a bandage if your horse was injured. 

Nowadays, equestrians continue to sport stock ties for formal occasions in recognition of our sport’s history. You will see them in hunter derbies, fox hunts, dressage classes, and the dressage and show jumping phases of eventing.

Stock ties are a part of formal foxhunting attire

Different Types of Stock Ties

There are two main types of stock ties. Traditional, and pre-tied ties.

Pre-tied ties are convenient because the knot comes fixed and all you have to do is velcro the ends around your neck and you’re ready to head in the ring. They’re great if you’re in a rush… but you never know when you’ll be stuck at a show without one and no one knows how to tie a traditional one. That’s why it’s key to at least have the knowledge of the traditional tie- not only will you be set in a pinch, but you’ll amaze all of your friends with your sorcery as well!

While the idea of wearing a stock tie may seem daunting, after a little practice, you'll be tying it in your sleep.

So good luck and get to practicing!

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