Horse standing in green pasture

UPDATE- *Second* Horse Euthanized For Rabies

by Michelle Drum August 11, 2017

*UPDATE 8/25/17 This afternoon the Polk county Department of Health announced that a second horse from the same farm has been euthanized and determined to have contracted rabies. At this time it is still unknown how the animals have come in contact with the disease. The rest of the herd was given rabies boosters after the [...]
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Tax free weekend

Hints To Make Tax Free Weekend Work To Your Advantage

by Michelle Drum August 04, 2016

South Carolina Tax Free Weekend Is Aug 5-7, 2016. When most people think of  Tax Free Weekend, they think of back to school clothes, computers, home goods and college stuff. When I think of Tax Free Weekend, I think of sweet discounts at my local tack shop. Most people don't realize the benefits of shopping at [...]
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