Beezie Madden on Cortes C

Sad News Out Of Rio This Morning For Beezie Madden

by Michelle Drum August 17, 2016

Sadly Beezie Madden's horse Cortes C aka Tiny sustained a tendon injury in yesterday's team show jumping competition in Rio. Thankfully he is expected to make a full recovery"We are heartbroken to announce that Cortes C sustained a tendon injury in yesterday's competition and will be unable to compete for Team USA today. We are [...]
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Phillip Dutton riding a horse

Phillip Dutton Scores An Individual Bronze Medal in Eventing For The USA

by Michelle Drum August 09, 2016

I had the incredible opportunity to monitor Eventing Nations play by play on their website while at work today. Some days it's good to be a tack junkie working as the nerd in the tack shop! What an incredible play by play from Eventing Nation! The US was bumped from the team medal podium yesterday after some [...]
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Rio 2016

2016 Rio Olympic Televised Equestrian Event Schedule

by Michelle Drum August 02, 2016

It's finally here! After weeks of badgering NBC for the Olympic tv schedule, it has finally been relased!USA network will be offering live streaming for some of the events. Eventing Nation will be offering a play by play, or rather - tweet by tweet, coverage of Eventing, starting with the first presentation. Follow them on [...]
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Olympics Equestrian

Vote Beezie To Carry The Flag In Rio!

by Michelle Drum July 30, 2016

NBC recently posted a contest to their Rio Olympic coverage website. They have organized a poll to  let the pubic pick their favorite Olympian to carry the US flag into the stadium for the opening ceremonies. This year, an equestrian is up for nomination! She is the only equestrian on the poll,lets show our support and give her your vote!Click here [...]
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