Sweet Treats For Your Horse

Sweet Treats For Your Horse

If you’re like me, you celebrate the little things in life and use any excuse to make life fun. Let’s face it I’m perpetually 17 years old! So it comes as no surprise to anyone that I don’t need much of an excuse to get my horses a gift. If you’re at all curious as to what horses want or expect as gifts, I can help!

1. Arma Over Reach Bell Boots

Lego loves his Arma bell boots in bright colors. He enjoys taking them off and flinging them over the fence into another pasture at any given opportunity. I never know where Lego’s bell boots will turn up. ( It should be noted he is slowly outgrowing this game, thank goodness!)

Arma Bell Boots

2. Catago FIR Tech Rug

Lego is also in love with his Catago FIR Tech rug. Just toss it on him, and he’s all snuggles.

Catago FIR Tech Sheet

3. Dimples Horse Treats

Oliver is a complete treat hound. He will beg incessantly for his favorite treats, which at the moment happen to be Dimples. Can we say spoiled?

Dimples Horse Treats

 4. Horsware Ice-Vibe Hock Wrap

Oliver has an old hock injury from his younger wilder days. After he finishes showing or a lesson, he loves to wear his Horseware Ice-vibe Hock Wrap. It helps keep him limber and from getting stiff after a good workout.

Horsware Ice-Vibe Hock Wrap

5. KL Select Curved Blue Lagoon Browband

Secret is my diva, she is very sweet and non-mareish, but she is 100% a princess. She loves being groomed, fussed over, and all things ‘matchy-matchy.’

It’s no surprise the KL Blue Lagoon browband is at the top of her wish list. All that bling is a perfect match to her Ogilvy half pad!

KL Select Curved Blue Lagoon Browband

6. Catago Tech Saddle Pad

Maggie on the other hand is 100% Queen of her pasture and is all about being pampered! Maggie is a huge fan of the Catago FIR Tech products and has her hopes set on a new Catago Tech saddle pad to keep her at optimum comfort at all times.

Catago Tech Saddle Pad

Let us know below what your favorite way to treat your horse is!

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Thank you for the bday wishes for my sweet boy Landor.

Alicia Rodriguez

How sweet of you to remember my dear mare’s birthday on March 31st. She is the love of my life! Thank you

Marie Adele Gonzales

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