Female rider looks at chestnut horse fitted with Trust bit and bridle

Straight from the horse’s mouth: Tips for fitting a Trust bit

So you’re on the hunt for the perfect Trust bit? We thought we’d offer you some advice before you hoof it on over to the store. Trust is a best seller with tons of customizable options, let’s get the lowdown on grabbing the right material and size for your ride.

A bit about the material

When it comes to Trust bits, you’ve got three options: Sweet Iron, Inno Sense, and leather. Here’s the scoop:

Sweet Iron: Sweet Iron bits are made of steel and are super recognizable because of their cool blue color. When they come into contact with humidity, they rust and create a sweet taste that stimulates your horse’s saliva production. That Sweet Iron taste is perfect for sassy horses since it encourages easier acceptance of the bit.

Inno Sense: Inno Sense bits a synthetic elastic material that comes in two levels of hardness: hard and soft. These bits are made from FDA-approved materials and they’re perfect for young horses and those with sensitive mouths

Leather: The Trust leather bits are also ideal for horses with sensitive mouths. The core is made of reinforced nylon and the saliva from your horse will soften the leather over time, making it more comfortable for them to use. 

Your bit is key to the communication you and your horse have, so we have options from Trust for every horse’s disposition. You can also check out combination bits.

The hackamore combination bit is a good option for horses that tend to be very enthusiastic on the trail. This bit applies pressure on the nose, chin, and mouth with its leverage design.

Experienced riders, especially jumpers, might prefer using a combination gag bit Trust Sweet Iron full cheek Waterford gag or Mullen curb gag bit. Keep in mind that these bits are a little more strict.

Check out our blog on European bits for more information on how these work together. 

A bit about the spacing

It’s important to make sure that there’s enough room on either side of your horse’s mouth and between their lower palate and bars. Trust makes this easy by using its logo as a way to check that your bit fits just right.

Here’s how you can check:

1. The horse looks to the left on both sides

2. The ears are the highest point

3. On the left the horse looks forward with your horse

4. On the right side the little horse looks back to your horse’s chest

If your steed matches these photos, you’re on the right track.

A bit about the size

The length of a bit (usually measured in inches) corresponds to the width of the horse’s mouth. The width (in inches or millimeters) refers to the circumference of the widest part of the mouthpiece.

To check the size of your Trust bit, look for the information printed inside the bit.

Here’s a handy chart to show how the sizing works:

If you’re still not sure if you’re ready to commit to the bit, don’t sweat it. We’re always here to help you out in-store! And check out our website for a complete list of all the bits we offer and advice on how to choose an English horse bit and how to use a snaffle bit.

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