Staff Horse & Rider Top Picks

Staff Horse & Rider Top Picks





Vicky is a member of our sales & service team, she and her horse Jeeves are big fans of the jumper ring. She's been looking for an upgrade to her stirrup irons. Specifically for something a little more trendy, light weight & safety conscious. The Acavallo Alupro Arena Stirrup Irons have everything she's looking for to upgrade from her classic Fillis stirrup irons. The easy out safety branch on the outside of the iron, combined with the extra grippy footbed & light weight style helped get this iron to the top of her wish list! Jeeves is very athletic and likes to be comfortable. His request was a fuzzy girth with a coolmax lining - the Lettia Clik Girth is just what he's looking for to keep him cool and comfortable on those hot horse show days.


Morgan is a member of our sales team, you may have seen her on our facebook page showing off new arrivals. She and her horse Fizz are always ready for what's next. Morgan loves the Baker Taylor Tote because as a college student it holds EVERYTHING she needs to go from work to school & then to the barn. The timeless look of Baker plaid never goes out of style. The classic elegance of the Baker sheet is the perfect thing to keep Fizz warm & comfortable all season long. With a name like Baker you can't go wrong!


Michelle works in our ecommerce department. You'll sometimes see the antics Lego & his buddy Oliver get up to on our IG pages. Although she bred and raised them both, Lego, the coming 8 year old has a streak of mischief a mile wide. Michelle says Lego's playful nature makes keeping bell boots & shoes on him a hot mess. His most recent stunt was pulling out all the nails to his shoe and wrapping them around the outside of the shoe - still managing to leave it on his foot! What else can you do but laugh! He's got the KL pull on bell boots at the top of his wish list this year. The high neck & thick bottoms should help keep his shoes on and the lack of velcro should keep the boots on!

Michelle on the other hand has been doing some window helmet shopping. When our first box of Kask helmets arrived this past summer, she couldn't wait to tear into the boxes & see all the awesome styles Kask has to offer. "I have a lot of thick, curly & unruly hair" says Michelle " I loved the way I could put on my hair net and fit it all up in the Kask helmet and still achieve that perfect fit. Plus the ventilation on hot summer show days will feel amazing!" Is there anything better than being able to successfully?

Lisa works on our sales team. Lisa & Bud are hard core jumper fans, on any given weekend you might find them out at Tryon International Equestrian Center picking up ribbons in the Children's / Adult Jumper Division. This pair has flair to spare and eager for more. Bud is green with envy as his pasture mate already has a Horseware Micklem Halter and brags about how comfortable it is to wear, not to mention good looking. Lisa is always at the front of fashion trends and the Samshield Alix jacket would make a great addition to her formal show outfit for the Classics. Look out 2020, team Clements is coming for you!

Meet Lizzie & her horse Roo Bear. Lizzie is on our sales team & her passion is hunters. You can find her often on our social media pages introducing new arrivals. Roo Bear, so named for the giant kangaroo ears is her heart horse.
Roo Bear is eyeing up a nice new correction half pad from ECP this holiday season in a fun color for schooling. This budget friendly half pad is perfect for making simple saddle fit adjustments with the shims provided by ECP. Plus it's machine washable, just toss it in and hang dry. Perfect for Lizzie & Roo Bear's active style!  Lizzie is always fashion forward, paired with her classical hunter style, make the Canino freshwater pearl necklace with that little touch of bling  on the clasp would top off any outfit. 

Check back tomorrow for our next staff pair! 

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