Show Season Checklist

by Michelle Drum March 06, 2020 4 min read

Show Season Checklist

It’s that time again, winter is almost over and we are eagerly awaiting warm dry days and thoughts of show season are sneaking into your head. This year, this year we are going to be organized! 

Say it with me, WE WILL BE ORGANIZED! 

Here’s a little show season checklist for you to go through your stuff and make sure you get to your first competition with everything you need! 

Show Season Checklist & Horse Show Packing List

Let’s start with the trailer! 

  • Check Tires - signs of uneven wear or dry rot?
  • Check Tire Pressure - Most trailer tires are 80 PSI (Pressure Per Square Inch), it should be listed on your tire what the recommended PSI is. it’s normal for pressure to be a little low if your trailer has sat all winter
  • Check Brakes - Is your trailer brake box working? How are the actual brakes & wheel bearings on your trailer?
  • Check Lighting - Do your tail lights, turn signals, running lights & brake lights work? How about the light in your tack room, interior trailer lights & the exterior parking floodlight if you have one?
  • Check Floorboards - This should be done by a professional, there is no scenario where this ends well when these are not in good working order.
  • Check Hinges - On all doors & ramps, show those hinges some love with some WD40!
  • Check Hitch - Your hitch hook up on both your vehicle and your trailer that they are in good working order. 

If all is in good shape, add some fresh shavings and a hay net with fresh hay. 

Tack Trunk

  • Saddle - clean, covered and ready to go.
  • Bridle - bit scrubbed clean of ‘scooby snacks’ / that bite of grass & leather clean.
  • Girth - If your fuzzy girth from last year is nasty, it might be time for a new one! 
  • Saddle Pads - You know your show pad from last season is nasty, just get a new one.
  • Tack Cleaning Kit - saddle soap, sponges, conditioner & a small pail
  • Boot Cleaning Kit - Check that your polish isn’t dried out from last year. 
  • Grooming Bag - hoof pick, curry comb, soft brush, hard brush, tail brush, slobber rag & seam ripper for braids.
  • Hoof Polish - I use either Fieblings Neatsfoot oil, Farrier Barrier or Absorbine clear hoof spray.
  • Stain Remover - where are my grey owners? Tell me your favorite tricks for the poop pillow!
  • Fly Spray - to help keep the tail wringing at a minimum.
  • Rambo Mac In A Sack - Can I just say this is my most treasured piece in my trailer? You don’t need it until you do, and it is a lifesaver when there is no shelter to stand under at the in-gate!
  • Horse Treats - Peppermints, Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Cracklin Oat Bra, bribery is helpful sometimes!
  • Fresh Tubes of Electrolytes - Perfect Prep or Ulcer-guard
  • Polo Wraps or Eq Boots - CLEAN polo wraps for the eq riders, Navy, Black, White Or Grey. 
  • Scissors - for opening bags of bedding & bales of hay
  • Lunging Equipment - Lunge Line /Lunge Whip  if your horse needs a twirl at the shows.

Ringside at the horse show

Wash Pail

  • Wash Sponges - face and body
  • Shampoo - I like Corona & Orvus for shampoo, it leaves them super shiny and clean.
  • Whitening Shampoo - for blazes, socks tails, etc. Quick Silver is the gold standard but overuse can dry out the skin.
  • Hair Polish Spray - Showsheen is a top pick locally but my personal favorite Pepe Coat Spray.
  • Cooler or Bath Sheet - if it’s cold
  • Hand Towels / Rub Rags

For Overnight Shows 

  • Overnight show sheet
  • Jammies / Slinky - To keep those braids clean and tidy overnight. 
  • Ace Bandage - for your braider to keep your horses’ tail braid tidy overnight
  • (don’t forget your fake tail if you use one)
  • Bandages - Oh Rats, You Can Only Find 3? 
  • Quilts - EWWWW you know you forgot about them at the last show, and now they are moldy, stained and stink. 
  • Hoof Packing ( & disposable gloves for applying!)
  • Equifit hoof packing sheets

Horseware Amigo blanket

Overnight Show Stall Set Up Gear

  • Water & Feed Buckets
  • Snaps / Hang Straps for buckets
  • Spare halter & lead rope ( you never need them, until you do… )
  • Shavings ( if not ordered through the show)
  • Tack Rack - The 4 prong is my favorite since it is so portable and compact. 
  • Saddle Rack - I like these ones, they fit over most places and don’t take up much room
  • Manure Fork Manure Bucket - Always a good idea to pair up with your show buddies and share one set of stall cleaning supplies but, also always good to keep in the trailer in case someone forgets.
  • Feed
  • Supplements
  • Hay & Hay Net or Bag if you feed off the ground

* I like to bring one extra feeding more than I need, just in case. It must be my inner Pony Clubber

RJ Classics show shirt

*For the Rider

  • Show Coat
  • Good Breeches
  • Show Shirt
  • Stock Tie
  • Belt
  • Socks
  • Boots
  • Deodorant ( trust me on this one, if you don’t need it, chances are you can give it to someone who does! ) :D Sunblock & Facial sunblock
  • Lip balm with sunblock
  • Bottle Opener - My Over 21’s know what this is for...
  • Pedialyte drink sticks - Works great for quick electrolytes & for that extra glass of wine you had with the crew at dinner the night before.
  • Tylenol / Ibuprofin
  • Packable Rain Coat - Horseware’s H2O Poncho is my go-to.
  • Grand Prix Rain Pants - Even if you zip them off before you show, they still help keep you dry!
  • Helmet - & maybe an extra liner if you are showing twice in one day. Sweaty wet helmet liners are just gross.
  • Hairnets - I volley back and forth between the No Knot & the RWR styles.
  • Gloves - I keep a good pair in my trailer & a junky pair for every day riding.
  • Crop / Stick
  • Spurs
  • Extra Boot Socks - I’m not a fan of wet socks in ANY scenario, you will nearly always find an extra pair of dry boot socks in my trunk. :)

Current Coggins Test & Current Health Certificate. Have a great show season & last but not least, DON’T FORGET YOUR NUMBER! 

To print your own check list click  HERE

Show season checklist

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