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Referring To Your Horse As Your Roommate - Social Fun Highlights

We love our horses. But sometimes their habits are messy, chaotic, or just plain baffling… Just like that weird roommate from freshman year. We asked our followers to refer to their horse as a roommate and tell us the most annoying thing they do. Here are a few of our favorite responses.


My roommate is constantly getting hurt and can’t go to work. He just freeloads off me constantly….money, food, emotional support you name it. Then he has the audacity to go out with his friends and act like a fool but as soon as it’s time to work…oh sorry I can’t got an ouchie. I just don’t understand why I keep allowing this behavior 🤣🤣


My roommate threw his breakfast bowl at me this morning.


My roommate lays in his own poop.

Katharine C.

My roommate has full on temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way and trashes her room like a rockstar on crack.


My roommate dunks all his meals in his water glass before he eats anything.


My roommate scrapes his teeth on the metal bars on our windows for attention!!! Such a drama queen!!!!!

Danielle W.

My roommate uses his poop for a pillow, sometimes chews on the wall, and hasn’t mastered walking upright on two legs. 🤣


My roomate tossed me in the dirt last week. 🤷‍♀️


My roommate stands in her own water, then flips her food bin and stands on it like a circus performer. 😂😂

Donna H.

My roommate bites me if I don’t pay enough attention to him


My roommate likes to sneak up behind me and chew on the ends of my ponytail.


My roommate shreds his clothes – blankets, bell boots, etc – and then makes me buy him new ones. 😂


My roommate won’t let me mount him. 😂


One of my roommates goes nonverbal and antisocial long enough for my other roommate who is blind to think that she had vanished forever, causing him to have a panic attack… She also requires custom-designed shoes and kicks anything that even mildly annoys her.

And of course an honorable mention to all the many people who complained that their roommate poops and pees in his or her bed. Maybe we should stop getting roommates from Craigslist.

Think you’ve got these roommate stories beat? Leave us a comment and we might just add you to the list.

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My roommate sees me coming with a halter and tries to hide in the corner of his stall so I can’t see him but wrinkle one wrapper and he comes immediately.

Rebekah b

My roommate makes a terrible face when I go to put her “work” clothes on… then I tell her “get over it” and she sighs!


My roommate freezes, stares at, and then runs from objects like ribbon or flags when the wind is blowing. Then on a calm day he just walks by the same objects and doesn’t notice them.

Elizabeth Smith

My roommate searches my pockets while I clean their feet.


My roommate eats all my food and doesn’t pay rent


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