"How to Tell People You're an Equestrian..."

by Michelle Drum March 06, 2021 1 min read

"How to Tell People You're an Equestrian..."

Clucking at someone to get them to move along faster, routinely finding peppermints and treats in your pockets, and asking people for their leftover apples and carrots? All seemingly normal to us but are completely oddballs to non-equestrians. So we scouted out our favorite “How to tell people you're an equestrian without telling people you're an equestrian.” 

“I count strides between cracks on the sidewalk, don't you?”
“ I assume a 2-point position when you go over a speed bump in your car because you know… it might help.”
“When I walk a dog, I do half-halts with the leash…”
“Your horse’s grooming tools find their way into your bathroom. No hair comb? No worries I have my mane comb right here.” 
“You are eating three-day-old leftovers because you just dropped hundreds of dollars on feed and supplements and can no longer afford to buy food for yourself.”
“No new shoes for me, but every 5 weeks she gets a new set”
“No need to go shopping for new accessories, hay bale twine makes the best multi-tool even as a belt”

This trend was just too funny to not share, and our followers really pulled through! Make sure you follow our Facebook page for more relatable and supporting content. We were so excited to feature you guys in this blog! Glad to know we're not alone on some of these.

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