How To Shop For The Horse Girl In Your Life

by Lizzie Lengling November 10, 2020 2 min read

Horse wearing a santa hat

It’s no secret that horse people are some of the most notorious types of people to shop for.

We’re picky and there’s definitely a little bit of crazy in all of us.

But the holidays shouldn’t be an extra stressful time just because you have to deal with someone horsey, so I’ve compiled a few key tips to make the whole experience a walk in the park.

Just Ask!

Don’t be afraid to just flat out ask what they would like. More than likely we have a full list with links ready to go so you know exactly what will make our heart swoon to unwrap. Most of the time we 100% know and accept that we’re a little neurotic when it comes to our preferences. While surprises are great, we’d probably love getting something we’d actually use even more.

Or ask one of their close horsey friends, most likely they will have an inkling of what they’re coveting. Another great go-to is the trainer (especially if you’re buying for your child), they will definitely have a great idea of what they might need.

Horse Holiday Wish List


Western and English Are Completely Different

Make sure you do a little recon for your gift giving mission. The most important fact you want to find out is whether this person rides english or western. The two disciplines have completely different tack/apparel and have vastly polar styles associated with them. You’d hate to think a new cowboy hat would be the ultimate gift only to find out they’re a jumper and actually need a helmet.

Cowboy Hats


Stay Away From The Corny Horse T-Shirts

While you may think that a t-shirt that says “Hay Girl” on it is the funniest thing ever, the horse person in your life has undoubtedly had that joke thrown her way a million times already and the joke has gotten old. Corny t-shirts and more novelty type gifts can be hit or miss and while they’re cute, horse people perfect more functional gifts that they will use everyday at the barn. 

Horse girl t shirts


Crowd Pleasers For Everyone

A bag of horse treats is always a safe bet for a horse girl. We love giving our ponies treats even when they don’t deserve it. So this gift is basically killing two birds with one stone- a gift for us and our horse!

You’ll also be hard pressed to find an equestrian who says no to more riding socks. Trust me, you can never have too many socks. The funnier and funkier the better!

Every tack store will have some fun socks so they are a super easy gift to throw in that everyone will love.

equestrians love socks and treats

When In Doubt Don't Underestimate A Gift Card

If in doubt, a gift card to a favorite tack shop is never a bad way to go! That way you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong thing, or the wrong size. We can pick out exactly what we want and to be honest sometimes that really is the best! Unwrapping a gift card is just as magical as unwrapping a bridle to us horse girls.

Farm House Gift Certificate

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