How to Put Your Hair Up in a Hairnet for Riding

by Lizzie Lengling March 11, 2021 2 min read

The Farm House give their tips and tricks on putting your hair in a hairnet

It’s an age-old question that has plagued equestrians since the dawn of time. Just how do hunter/jumper riders get their hair up under their helmets like that??

It may seem like a trivial aspect of turnout that doesn’t matter too much, but if you grew up with a conservative trainer who would immediately notice if you had one hair out of place, then you know just how important neat and tidy hair is! 

Putting your hair up in a hairnet may look daunting at first, but after a bit of practice, it becomes second nature. Read on to see my tips and tricks for achieving that perfect “hunter hair”! 


Traditional Hairnet

Step 1: Part your hair in the middle, so there is an even amount on each side. 

Step 2: Place hairnet overhead with the knot at the back of the head. Pull the net down over your nose and your ears. Make sure hair is laying flat over your ears with only half of your lower ear still showing.

Step 3: Gather your hair in a low ponytail incorporating the hairnet as well. Secure in a low pony with a hair tie.

Step 4: Move hairnet from over nose up to the hairline and halfway over the ears.

Step 5: Take excess hair in a ponytail and flip it on top of the head.

Step 6: Tilt head forward and place the helmet on the head in a back-to-front motion keeping the excess hair under the helmet.

Step 7: Adjust the helmet if needed and admire your work! A second hairnet can be used to contain extra long or thick hair. Or if you have shorter hair, a few bobby pins at the base of the ponytail can help contain stray hairs!


No Knot Hairnet


Step 1: Part hair so it lays flat and even on each side.

Step 2: Place the hairnet over your head like a necklace. Lay your hair smoothly over your ears with only half your ear still showing.

Step 3: Pull hairnet up over your face, so the end of the hairnet is just above your eyebrows then pull the rest of the net to cover all your hair in a tube-like fashion.

Step 4: Adjust hair over ears if need be.

Step 5: Gather the hairnet with all your hair in your hands and flip it over your head.

Step 6: Tilt head forward and place the helmet on the head in a back-to-front motion while keeping the hair under the helmet.

Step 7: Adjust the helmet if needed and admire your work! This hair net can also be used with a ponytail for extra security.

Remember, practice makes perfect! I grew up with a pixie haircut and only recently perfected “hunter hair”, so don’t fret, if I can do it, so can you!

Check out our Favorite Horse Riding Hairstyles for Competition here! We have our favorite hair nets hereNo Knot Hairnets are great for super long or thick hair, and you don’t even need a hair tie! The Aerborne Hair Nets are great because they come in a 2 pack. You can never have enough hair nets. They also have an option for thick hair here!

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