How to put on garter straps

How To: Put on Jodhpur Garter Straps

We get a lot of first time and young riders in the store on any given day. They are some of my favorite customers because the excitement and joy in their faces can make even the worst day 10x better. Whether they’ve come in with their parents to prepare for their very first lesson or are gearing up for their debut in the show ring, there are bound to have questions, and our staff is more than happy to answer! When it comes to a child’s first time showing, there can be a lot of questions about the necessary attire… mainly related to jodhpurs and garter straps.

So read on to see our FAQ’s on jodhpurs and garter straps, PLUS a “How To” video on putting garter straps on!


How To Put On Garter Straps

Step 1: Place the buckle on the outside of the leg just under the knee. 

Step 2: Thread the tail end of the strap through the slit that is farther away from the buckle from inside to outside.

Step 3: Pull strap snug around the leg, but not too snug that is uncomfortable.

Step 4: Buckle strap for desired snugness, and tuck end through the keeper. If there is excess leather, tuck the excess through the other slit for a tidier look.

What are Jodhpurs and Garter Straps?

Jodhpurs or “jods” as they are often called, are a type of riding pants mainly worn by children. Unlike breeches, they are slightly longer and go down over a paddock boot as opposed to inside a tall boot. 

When wearing jods, a pair of garter straps are also necessary. These are two straps of leather that go just under the knee and help keep the pants from riding up. Garter straps come in both black and brown and it is important to match them to the color of your paddock boots.

Who wears Jodhpurs and Garters?

There is some debate on the proper age frame for riders to be in jods and garters as opposed to breeches and tall boots. A good rule of thumb is 12 and under to go for jods and 13+ to move up to breeches. This transition can also be dependent on the size of the rider, or what division they are showing in. It’s always a good idea to consult your trainer on this decision.

Braids vs. Hairnet

One other part of show attire for young equestrians is whether to wear your hair down in two french braids, or up under your helmet in a hair net. Again this depends on age. If the kid is still wearing jods then most likely hair should be down in braids. If the kid has moved on to breeches then they need to wear their hair up in a helmet. Check out our blog post on hairnets and putting your hair up for some tips and tricks.


Keep an eye out for more "How To's" in the future!

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