Horse Crafts For Kids & Adults

Horse Crafts For Kids & Adults

We've forgotten how many days it has been since social distancing & self quarantine became the norm. Cabin fever has set in and the struggle to keep everyone occupied & entertained is all too real. We've come up with a fun list of crafts & snacks that can keep everyone happy! 

Take a look - honestly we thought this was going to turn into 'Farm House Fails' we are pleasantly surprised at how easy some of these crafts were! 

Pool Noodle Ponies! 

Supplies needed to make a pool noodle pony

It's spring here in the south east & Dollar General just put out their stash of pool noodles for $1 each. This craft is wicked cheap, super simple and when you done you can have Pool Noodle Pony Show! 

Your going to need:

  • Pool Noodles
  • Permanent markers
  • Ribbon - wide or skinny - get creative!
  • Scissors
  • Glue - we had better luck with a glue gun, elmers took too long to dry. 
  • If you want to get super fancy:
  • Yarn
  • Pack of googly eyes
  • Xacto knife 

horse taking form


  • Cut about 3' of ribbon for your 'bridle'
  • Bend the top quarter of the pool noodle over. 
  • Carefully place the middle of the ribbon where you would like your 'noseband'. 
  • Cross the ribbon in the gap between your ponies nose & neck

lizzie doing it for the gram

  • Tie it snuggly to keep the noodle bent
  • Trim excess ribbon
  • Use excess ribbon to make a browband

  • Cut another 3' of ribbon for your reins
  • Tie either end of your ribbons to the noseband
  • Draw or glue googly eyes
  • Draw nostrils
  • Carefully, using a xacto knife cut 2 upside down V shapes into the top of the bend of your noodle
  • These will be your ponies ears. Keep your cuts fairly shallow once you get them even, gently pull the 
  • tips upward so your ponies ears stand up. 
  • Color inside of ears if desired
  • Cut about 3' of yarn into 4" sections
  • Glue 4 or 5 pieces between ears for a forelock
  • Glue the rest down your ponies crest for a mane.

finished pool noodle pony   Girls having fun with stick horses

Once the glue has dried you're ready to ride!

Lizzie & Jamie take their ponies for a spin!

( I am NOT crafty, so if I can make this green bean, you can make something much better!!)

ribbon browband

pc: pinterest

Ribbon Brow Bands

We use to make these for USPC rallies & championships when I was a kid. They are a fun diy project that can be customized as much or as little as you like. Make & trade with your friends. Like friendship bracelets - equestrian style.

What you will need:

  • 1 Browband - the flat fox hunting kind is easier, but the more common raised browbands work as well.
  • 2 colors of unwired fabric ribbon approximately .25" to .75" wide.
  • Scissors

Step 1 cut about 4' of each color ribbon.
Step 2 Tie both pieces together with a small square knot
Step 3 Run one color of ribbon through the browband opening where you pass the Caveson through.
Step 4 Center knot on edge with ribbon tails facing down.
Step 5 Proceed to braid the ribbon down the length of the browband. Take care to make sure the ribbon lays flat and each pass lays evenly over the one before.
Step 5 To end your browband, pass the remaining ribbon through the opposite browband loop & tie another small knot. *Tip make sure the ribbon tails at the beginning and end of your braid job face the same direction.

For a great tutorial on how to make these browbands check out:
DIY Horse Ownership

hand print ponies

Hand Print Ponies

This is going to require a little bit of imagination and some beginner sketch skills. 

This may have been my " Farm House Fail"
What you will need:
Construction Paper
The hand of a small child - perhaps where mine went awry? I don't think the adult hand worked that well.

Step 1
Place hand flat on construction paper with fingers spread out. Envision the kindergarten turkey you did for your parents at Thanksgiving.

Step 2
Trace the outline of the hand print in pencil

Step 3
Turn tracing upside down. ( ahhhhh see where I'm going here? )

hand print pony fail

( HEY! No laughing.. :) I warned you I'm not crafty. ;P  )

Step 4
This can get tricky, your thumb should be the ponies neck. Simply fashion 2 small triangles on top of the thumb for ears, make a half circle for the cheek bone, at the bottom of the thumb tip, a smaller circle adjacent to the cheekbone for your muzzle. Connect both circles with a straight line - you've just outlined the lower part of the horses head. Then draw another line from just below the ears to the edge of the muzzle circle. ( possibly the best part of my hand print pony)

Step 5
Color your masterpiece!
*I'm just as perplexed as you as to why my green marker is named "Rainbow". I guess I should have just used my Crayons. ;) 

You can apparently do these with children's feet as well. However, I struggled enough with the hand, your turn to show me what can be done with kiddo foot prints!  Tag us for a shoutout on social, we'd love to see how they turn out! 

Cork Stopper Ponies

You'll Need: 

  • Wine Corks
  • Tooth Picks
  • Markers
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun

You will need 7 wine corks per pony / person participating. 

Step 1 - choose a long cork for your pony's body, 4 of similar length for the legs  & average for the neck and  a smallish one for the head.
Step 2 - Sink toothpicks .75 into your the legs of your wine corks.
Step 3 - Arrange remaining .25 of exposed toothpick into the cork body of your pony.  
Step 4 - the cork for the neck should be shorter than your toothpick. Sink the toothpick through the cork so both ends of the toothpick are exposed.  You may need to trim your cork. 
Step 5 - Arrange the neck cork into the edge closest to the top and side of the body cork. Now you have your neck. 
Step 6 - Set final cork horizontal on top of the exposed toothpick on the neck cork of your pony. 
Step 7 - Trim up some yarn for a mane, tail & forlock & attach with glue gun. 
Step 8 - Color your ponies & have pony obstacle games. :) 

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