Give Me A Beat! Horses In Our Favorite Songs

Give Me A Beat! Horses In Our Favorite Songs

There are so many songs about horses, with horses in the lyrics or about life with horses it's hard not to find a few you enjoy. We've started this list to compile our favorites and start a playlist. Here's just a few that made the cut! 

“Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones - Wild horses will never drag us away from the barn, that's for sure! Just ask our significant others! 

“A Horse with No Name” by America and George Martin - This one always reminds me of all the OTTB horses coming off the track and transitioning into a new career. Sometimes you know their Jockey Club names, sometimes you don't, other times they are so bad you wish you didn't!  

“Buckle Up” by Crook - This song is a great reminder to always wear your helmet and/or vest when riding. Safety first!

“Wildfire” by Micheal Martin Murphey- Because we've all loved that one rogue horse who was misunderstood by all. 

Wild Horses" by Natasha Bedingfield - This title is a popular with music artists for good reason! I love how Natasha Bedingfield sings about the beauty of horses and how wild and free they are. 

“Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty - This song always reminds me of people who think horses are a phase of life for little girls. The real horse girls know it's possible to love your horses and your boyfriend too! 

“Little Red Corvette” by Prince - I always find myself craving a good gallop when I hear this song. Reminds me of the freedom we all find on the back of a horse.  

"Galloping Home" by Denis King, the South Band Orchestra - this song always makes us feel happy and excited to be going home to our horses after a long day.

“Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus - Because “YES”, the answer will never be no to this song! 

“Dark Horse” by Katy Perry - We've all been there, horses totally have ups and downs and who doesn't love to root for the underdog? 

This is a short list with some of our favorites.

There are many more good ones, on our playlist. Check out our Spotify playlist with these songs and many more HERE

Don't see your favorites on our playlist? Comment and let me know what they are and we can add them!

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Desperado by Eagles (although it’s not literally about horses). And Let that Pony Run by Pam Tillis.

Mary Kaye Hession

An oldie and possibly prophetic, let’s not forget the Heavy Horses – Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson)
No need to publish.

Mike C

Wings by Barbara Higbie and Teresa Trull
Beautiful song.

Heather Morebeck

Tennessee Stud – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
“…Tennessee stud was long and lean, color of the sun and his eyes were green;
He had the nerve and he had the blood and there never was a horse like the Tennessee Stud”
Red Headed Stranger – Willie Nelson
“This is the tale of the red headed stranger
And if he should pass your way
Stay out of the path of the ragin’ black stallion
And don’t lay a hand on the bay…”

susanne mistric

Old Stewball by Peter, Paul and Mary

Darlene Eakle

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