Break Out Products Of The Year

Break Out Products Of The Year


Ego 7 Contact Tall Boots. These boots took the industry by storm! Delivery was delayed until early 2023, but boy when they hit the shelves, riders couldn’t get them fast enough!  These innovative tall riding boots ditch the zippers and the boot pulls for a modern custom fit in an incredible tall boot. Simply roll them on your leg and you’re ready to go! 

KL Select Gabrielle Breeches These breeches have been on the market a year or two but they really showed up this year! Riders discovered the fabulous fit and amazing fabric in both the knee patch and the full seat styles! Not to mention all fun colors for both schooling and show. 

The Original Boot Jacket – Tired of getting your boots sloppy at shows or at home? The Original Boot Jacket is the answer to your problems! This innovative zip on boot cover keeps your boots clean and your feet dry when the rings are sloppy and even has a notch for your spurs! Perfect for everyday riding to keep your boots nice, or at shows on your good boots for course walks. These are a must have!

Thinline English Reins – We stopped carrying these reins due to availability due to COVID a few years ago. Recently we were made aware that these reins were back in stock and available for delivery. Riders clearly missed these reins as this passed fall we sold several dozen pairs to riders all over the country. Riders love the easy care and extra grip that these reins offer that can’t be found in other styles. 

Equifit Bit Tape– When equestrians lost access to Sealtex in 2021 it was a sad day for our sport. Riders and trainers across the country used this unique textile to wrap legs and bits. For 2 years there has been nothing on the market comperable to wrap bits with. Trust me we tried everything! Thankfully Equifit and now EHI brought us bit tape. Some horses have a sensitive mouth but rubber bits are just too much!  
Now, I still have a bit of Sealtex left over and plan to do a side by side comparison video shortly on how bit tape stacks up to the our old friend Sealtex!

Equifit Essential Hunter Pad These arrived in early spring of 2023, and clearly were just what riders were looking for. Equifit combines a quality fleece pad with a soft breathable no slip textile against the horse. 

 Essential Hunter Pad

EHI Derby Bit
AKA the Peter Pletcher tear drop snaffle, for the last few years this bit has only been available through custom bit makers. EHI (makers of everyone’s favorite ear POMMS!) saw the need to put this fabulous bit into commercial production. Now everyone can access the tear drop snaffle in a variety of cheek pieces at a mass produced price point.

Happy Mouth Bits Are Back!
These bits have had a tough go the last few years between COVID, difficulties sourcing materials and then moving to a new factory impacted availability. We are happy to announce that they are in production again and we are slowly putting them back online as they become available. Many riders moved to the Trust Innosense line of bits in the mean time. However not all the same mouth pieces were offered by Trust. I know my nugget will be happy to have a new Mullen mouth D happy mouth back on his bridle soon!

Ogilvy Butterfly Half Pads
Everyone knows Ogilvy and their dedication to Innovation in the equine industry. This year Ogilvy released a new design to their half pads. The butterfly design has a cut back wither allowing more freedom and less restriction across the horses withers. Riders are embracing this new design and horses are loving the lack of bulk under the pommel.

Products to watch for 2024!

Freejump’s new Voronoi helmet will be arriving to the United States in early 2024. If you follow our social accounts, you’ve seen the high tech design of this unusual looking helmet. Ever notice how baseball helmets cover the hitters temples? There’s a reason for that! The temple area is the most fragile part of your skull and highly susceptible to severe injuries.

Protecting the temple reduces the risk of concussion to the most fragile part of the skull, the temporal area. Behind the temporal bone lies the meningeal artery. The slightest trauma can damage this artery and form a hematoma, compressing brain cells and leading to serious after-effects, even death. The Voronoï helmet is the only riding helmet to take the temporal area into account. 

FreeJump isn’t finished with showing off their modern innovations! They have also released a new air vest that will be a huge help to eventers around the world! Typically eventers have to wear an impact absorption safety vest, much like a bullet proof vest, with an air vest over top of the impact vest. Freejump brings us the X’Air Safe Body Protector.

The airbag is integrated inside the body protector for an optimum distribution of the impacts, and thus protect the rider much more effectively. Early studies show it offers 8 times better protection compared to a body protection alone, and 4 times better protection than a body protection with an airbag worn over the body protector.
Making this vest the first of it’s kind for eventers, and one less thing they will have to pack in their trunk for a competition!

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