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Adventures In The Long Stirrup Division - It's Never Too Late To Try!


We recently received a sweet email from a local customer that I thought everyone would enjoy. We've all been there on those freakish cold weekends during  spring, summer & fall where normally dead head horses unexpectedly errupt into silly green youngsters. Enjoy Harriet Lewis' recount of a recent local horse show. :) 

Woman on horse after horse showing Centaurus always takes good care of his Mama, who at 61, is just now starting her second Blue Ridge Hunter Jumper Association show season. It just goes to show, that one is never too old to begin horse showing! 

We rode in the Long Stirrup Division this past weekend and I had no idea the challenges we would face in the Long Stirrup this year!  Saturday went well, I was super nervous but my supportive barn family rallied around me. We had crazy weather for may, it was very windy and chilly with sprinkles on and off all day.Then in the middle of my second over fences class a horse got loose and was wildly running around the ring. Thankfully I was allowed to restart my class and was awarded a fifth.


Sundays classes were even more adventurous! While minding our own business in our Eq. on the flat, we were called to line up, just as we put it into park, suddenly a horse became upset and started kicking. The horse along side me in an attempt to spin out of the way nearly crashed into us. The hunter under saddle was just as interesting. When we were asked to canter, one of the horses in the class took the opportunity to show off some fancy dance moves, rearing with his rider. Centauraus kept his cool and took it all in stride. 


Who knew Long Stirrup could be a live action class! In all seriousness though, my sweet boy Centauraus kept his calm throughout all the drama in both classes which helped me keep my confidence up. What a brave boy, I'm very proud of him and we ended up Reserve Champion on Sunday and weekend champion of the Long Stirrup division! 


Of course I couldn't have done any of it without my sweet husband Chris, the help of my terrific trainers, Nicole Barbour, Kelsey Barbour and Shannon Laflin of Cane Creek Equestrian Farm & the good Lord above. They have helped make this dream come true. Vicki Wood and the ladies of Farm House Tack have offered their endless experience in helping get myself and Centauraus  decked out looking like winners!  


The take away? Ride your best, until the show is over! 

~Harriet Lewis 


Thank you Harriet for sharing your story with us and your kind words about our store and staff. We can't wait to see what the future holds for you & Centauraus.

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