23 Top Equestrian Barn Hacks

by Michelle Drum February 01, 2021 2 min read

23 Top Equestrian Barn Hacks

As equestrians, our lives are already full of challenges, and we spend quite much time and money on our horses. However, with some simple tips, you can save money and time for yourself! We have our favorite tips and tricks that can help you out, from medication and treatments to barn hacks to grooming. 



  1. Washing polo and standing wraps? Avoid a knotty mess by washing your wraps in a lingerie bag. 
  2. Use colored duct tape to differentiate between blanket weights/owners. 
  3. Tired of using your scissor loss/yard knife - use bailing twine to attach to hay cart/trunk or toolbox
  4. Use sticky sided Hook and Loop (Velcro) on a wall in your grooming area for handy boot storage.
  5. Use white vinegar for rust on stainless steel items like irons and bits. 
  6. Use potent bar soap like Irish Spring on areas where horses commonly chew
  7. Keep a sled or garbage can lid handy for moving hay around in snowy weather. 
  8. Use a tack rack to store stable equipment (brooms/shovels/pitchforks, etc)
  9. Dirty  bits - or  irons? Toss your stainless steel bit and irons in the dishwasher
  10. Tired of frozen or iced over double-end snaps? Switch to brass snaps on pasture gates to avoid frozen snaps. 
  11. Keep a hot water kettle handy if you don’t have access to hot water at the barn. Perfect for warming up icy water buckets, making a mash or comfortable water to spot clean stains. 


  1. Avoid snowballs in hooves by coating them with a cooking spray like Pam, petroleum jelly, orhoof oil. 
  2. Can’t find your  sweat scraper? Bailing twine works great in a pinch.
  3. Car Wash mitts make great shampoo gloves.
  4. Use a  sweat scraper on your horse after sudsing him up with shampoo to make rinsing quicker.
  5. Keep an ice pack handy to cool down clipper blades. 
  6. Is your horse scheduled to be body clipped, but he’s filthy? Invest in a Tiger Tooth sponge to use as a  curry. The comb will lift up and loosen the embedded dirt. 
  7. Warm towels work great for stubborn dirt on hocks and knees when your horse needs to be clean, and it’s too cold for a bath. 



  1. Baby diapers and duct tape work great for treating an abscess or protecting hooves with lost shoes.
  2. Keep maxi pads or diapers handy for bleeding lacerations. Wrap in place with a bandage to apply pressure while waiting for the vet. 
  3. Got a horse who picks out meds or supplements? Try mixing flavored Jello powder or a jar of baby food. 
  4. Keep a small water bottle handy for dissolving meds that will go into your horse’s feed.
  5. Need a quick-twitch while treating an injury? A double end snap
    with a short piece of bailing twine works great.

2 Responses

Lizzie Lengling
Lizzie Lengling

February 03, 2021

I never thought of the ice pack to keep your clipper blades cool! 😂

Linda J Landis
Linda J Landis

February 03, 2021

Number 1 is a no-brainer, not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before :)

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