30 Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

30 Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life, we’ll make it easy with a list of gifts that are sure to bring a smile! You can’t go wrong with these gifts for horse lovers and equestrians. Here are our top recommendations for horse-themed gifts they will love.

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Unique gifts for horse lovers

1. Jellybean Equestrian Rugs ($39.95)

rug with a black dog feeding brown horse a carrot

Jellybean® rugs add a touch of playfulness to any corner of your home. These rugs are a pop of color and a statement piece that brings joy and personality to any space. With their bright and fun designs, Jellybean® rugs are a perfect gift for those who appreciate a touch of whimsy in their home decor.

No need to worry about spills or stains – simply toss your Jellybean® in the wash, and it looks as good as new. These rugs are machine washable and live up to their famous tagline, “washes better than your jeans.”

2. Horse Racing Board Game ($100)

Horse Racing Board Game

Bring the thrill of the racetrack with this unique carpenter-crafted horse racing game that any horse lover will appreciate. Easy to play yet difficult to resist, the horseracing game invites players to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the comfort of their own homes. Select your steed, roll the dice, and race to the finish as the stallions gallop down the beautifully crafted board. This fast-paced game is perfect for lively gatherings with big groups or intimate evenings with just a few friends.

3. Arthur Court Horse Bottle Stopper ($21.00)

Silver horse head bottle stopper

Transform every wine moment into a celebration with the Arthur Court Horse Bottle Stopper – a truly elegant gift for the equestrian in your life. This dramatic and finely crafted bottle stopper adds a touch of sophistication to any wine collection, making it the ideal present for special occasions or as a thoughtful hostess gift.

4. Custom Horse Portrait ($700+)

Artist Caroline with two custom painted horse portraits

What could be more appreciated by a horse lover than a painting of their beloved horse? Artist Caroline is known for her signature oil on wood canvas that creates warmth and depth. Caroline will capture the striking essence of your horse lover’s most beloved partner in a custom portrait made just for them. This is a perfect Christmas, birthday, or graduation gift.

5. AWST Int’l 20oz Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler ($19.99)

Black wine tumbler with white horse sketched on front

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this tumbler guarantees durability and adds a touch of sophistication to every sip. The equestrian-themed design is a nod to their passion, making it a thoughtful and personalized gift for any horse enthusiast. 

The spill-resistant slide-top lid ensures worry-free sipping, making it an ideal companion for casual and outdoor settings. Whether it’s enjoying a hot cup of coffee during a chilly morning ride or sipping on a refreshing drink after a day at the stables, this tumbler is designed to enhance the drinking experience of horse lovers.

6. Arthur Court Equestrian Bit Bamboo Cheese Set ($75)

Bamboo cheese board with silver serveware

This bamboo cheese serving tray offers a perfect blend of sophistication and utility for a wedding or housewarming gift. The handmade aluminum cheese knife and cracker stand gleam against the sturdy bamboo, creating a visually striking ensemble that reflects both craftsmanship and style. This exquisite set is not just a tool for serving cheese; it’s a statement piece that guarantees to impress your dinner guests with its elegance and functionality.

7. “Black Beauty” Classic Edition ($15)

“Black Beauty” should be a hallmark of every childhood. With a beautifully written and poignant story, this series of books provides the foundation for connecting children with a love of horses.

“Black Beauty” is a classic novel by English author Anna Sewell. The novel follows the life and experiences of a horse named Black Beauty as it moves through various owners. The novel addresses issues related to animal welfare, the humane treatment of horses, and the social conditions of the time.

8. Arthur Court Horse Figural Tray – 6″ x 12″ ($50)

Silver horse figure tray with crackers

Arthur Court’s commitment to quality shines through in every detail of this tray, making it a timeless and cherished gift for any horse lover. From casual dinners to festive gatherings, this Horse Figural Tray will infuse your meals with the grace and beauty of the equestrian world.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this handmade aluminum tray features a unique design that follows the graceful contours of a stallion at rest, with its head gently lowered for a tranquil nap. The textured lines in the horse’s mane add depth to the design and create a captivating visual appeal, providing a delightful break in the otherwise clean edges of the tray.

9. Baker Plaid Afghan ($57.95)

black and tan plaid afghan next to a small dog

Give the gift of warmth and fashion with the 5/A Baker® Plaid Afghan – a stylish addition to any cozy moment and a perfect choice for those who appreciate the fusion of comfort and classic design.

Crafted from double weave 100% cotton, the Original 5/A Baker® Plaid offers a luxurious feel and exceptional durability. Whether your recipient is a seasoned equestrian or someone who values quality and style, the 5/A Baker® Plaid Afghan is a thoughtful and practical gift. Its versatility seamlessly complements other Baker® accessories, creating a coordinated ensemble with timeless elegance.

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Jewelry and accessories for horse lovers

10. Penelope Signature Bracelet ($80)

Navy and brown wrap bracelets with horse charms

This adorable leather bracelet features a white saddle stitch and a gorgeous golden horse charm. Whether worn as a standalone piece or stacked with other bracelets, this Leather Bracelet is a versatile and stylish addition to any jewelry collection. Its beauty lies not only in its design but also in the ease with which it can be personalized to suit individual tastes and styles.

11. Michel McNabb Charm Bracelet ($180.00)

Silver charm bracelet with 5 equestrian charms

Indulge the horse lover in your life with the timeless elegance of the Michel McNabb Charm Bracelet—a sterling silver masterpiece that seamlessly blends sophistication with an irresistible equestrian charm. What sets the Michel McNabb Charm Bracelet apart is its ability to evoke a genuine smile, combining the sophistication of sterling silver with the heartwarming charm of equestrian motifs. It’s a thoughtful and personal gift that celebrates the unique bond between the recipient and the world of horses.

12. Penelope Tibou Key Chain ($30.00)

horse keychain on a black leather strap

Whether they are heading to the stables or out for a day in the city, the Tibou Keychain is a versatile companion that adds a touch of equestrian flair to any ensemble. Hunter-jumper equestrians especially favor the jumping horse motif. The combination of style and functionality makes this keychain a thoughtful and practical gift for horse enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and utility of their accessories.

13. Mare Modern Goods Mindfilly Band ($10.00)

four wrists wearing horse patterned bands with inspirational mantras

Discover the perfect blend of style and mindfulness with Mare Modern Goods Mindfully Bands. We adore these bands for their mind-centering mantras and the cutest equestrian graphics that add a touch of charm to any rider’s ensemble.

These bands are accessories and reminders to stay centered and confident in the saddle. Whether you need to remember to breathe, take things one stride at a time, or tap into your inner bad-ass self, there’s a Mindfully Band to suit every mantra.

14. Oakbark & Chrome Stirrup Accessory Keeper ($38.00)

black leather accessory keeper key chain with a gold stirrup

Elevate your equestrian style with our new Accessory Keeper – the perfect gift for riders who appreciate organization and class. This sleek and functional accessory keeper features a beautiful metal stirrup emblem on the front, showcasing your equestrian passion with a touch of elegance.

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Apparel for horse lovers

Women’s equestrian apparel

15. AWST Int’l Acrylic Cashmere Snaffle Bit Scarf and Shawl ($39.99)

woman wearing black and tan shawl with stirrup pattern

Wrap the horse enthusiast in your life in the warmth of equestrian elegance with the AWST Int’l Acrylic Cashmere Snaffle Bit Scarf/Shawl—a perfect blend of sophistication, comfort, and equine charm. This scarf/shawl is not just an accessory; it’s a statement piece designed to capture attention with its elegant design and soft fabric. The reversible feature, adorned with a Snaffle Bit print, adds versatility to the style for multiple looks to suit any occasion.

16. Essex Classics Ladies Spurs & Straps Show Shirt ($148)

Folded white show shirt with a blue striped stirrup patterned inner collar

Elevate the equestrian style of your beloved rider with the Talent Yarn Straight Collar Show Shirt—a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern functionality that’s sure to make a statement in the show ring. Crafted from high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric, the Talent Yarn Straight Collar Show Shirt goes beyond aesthetics to provide the comfort and functionality needed in the equestrian world. The expert tailoring and fine details from Essex Classics ensure that every aspect of this shirt reflects the dedication and passion of its wearer. 

17. Ariat Women’s Sepia Equine Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($36.95)

woman wearing sepia long sleeve t-shirt with black horses

This buttery soft graphic tee is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement of individuality and a nod to their love for horses. The vintage horse art motif brings a timeless charm, making it a standout addition to weekly wardrobe rotations and weekend activewear. Whether paired with jeans for a casual day out or with leggings for an active weekend, the Ariat Women’s Sepia Equine Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a versatile piece that effortlessly blends fashion and their passion for horses. This shirt is SO popular this season it is flying off the shelves and Ariat is already sold out. Don’t wait on this one, grab it while you can!

18. Ariat Women’s Tri Factor EQ Knee Patch Breech ($159.95)

tan knee patch breeches

Indulge the passionate rider in your life with the perfect blend of style and performance—the Ariat Women’s Tri Factor EQ Knee Patch Breech. A gift that enhances the equestrian experience and embraces cutting-edge technology for ultimate comfort in the saddle.

These breeches offer a mid-weight stretch knit that ensures flexibility and freedom of movement. The incorporation of IceFil cooling technology is a game-changer, providing a refreshing feel even during intense rides. The compression fabrication adds a sleek aesthetic and contributes to optimal performance, making time in the saddle calm and collected.

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Girl’s equestrian apparel 

19. RJ Classics Maddie Jr. 37.5 Show Shirt ($89)

White show shirt with rainbow tie die lined collar

Gift the R.J. Classics Maddie Jr. Show Shirt to the aspiring equestrian in your life, and let them experience the pinnacle of comfort and style. This show shirt looks great and helps boost performance in the show ring. The 37.5 patented thermoregulation technology takes center stage, ensuring breathability and comfort beyond the ordinary. This shirt is a game-changer in young equestrian apparel, proven to help manage core temperature and increase stamina.

20. Ariat Youth EOS Knee Patch Tight ($99.95)

Young girl wearing dark grey riding tights with light grey horse pattern

Gift the Ariat Youth EOS Knee Patch Tight to the young rider, and watch them stride into the arena with confidence and flair. Its attention to detail and contemporary features set the Ariat Youth EOS Knee Patch Tight apart. A cell phone pocket adds a layer of convenience, allowing young riders to keep their essentials close at hand while in the saddle. The knee patches provide extra grip where needed most, ensuring stability and confidence during rides.

21. Ariat Youth Winter Fashions Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($27.95)

young girl wearing grey long sleeve t-shirt with blue and red horses wearing scarves

The Ariat Youth Winter Fashions Long Sleeve T-Shirt is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement of their connection to the horse world. Gift this tee to your little one, and let them proudly wear their passion. It’s a colorful and comfortable addition to their wardrobe that will undoubtedly become a favorite, creating lasting memories of their love for horses.

Garment bags

22. Baker Equestrian Garment Bag ($216.95)

Baker Garment Bag

For the equestrian who appreciates both fashion and utility, the 5/A Baker® Garment Carrier is the ideal gift. Whether for show season, travel, or everyday use, this bag exudes sophistication and ensures that your clothing is transported in style.

Available in rich brown or classic black leather, this bag is not just a practical accessory but a statement piece. The fully lined interior and meticulous finishing details showcase a quality that is second to none. 

23. Equiline Boot Bag ($149)

Equiline Equestrian Boot Bag

This boot bag is crafted from water-repellent polyester that shields your boots from accidental water spray or unexpected rain and ensures they stay in top condition during storage and travel. The secure seal adds an extra layer of protection, keeping moisture out and preserving your valuable gear from the elements.

Bags for horse lovers

24. Carry All Bag with Custom Riding Discipline Embossing ($269)

brown bag embossed with horse heads

The James River Carry All Bag by Tucker Tweed blends craftsmanship with practicality. This versatile and durable bag features a scratch-resistant saffiano leather exterior with many thoughtful touches, including pockets for a smartphone and a key fob. Customize it with an embossed leather image of the English riding discipline of your choice for a more thoughtful, personalized gift.

25. Tucker Tweed Equestrian Wristlet ($135)

Tucker Tweet Equestrian Wristlets in purples, blues, red, brown, black, and green

Crafted from the most luxurious and supple pebble-grain leather, the Wellington Wristlet is a statement piece of quality and style. This wristlet is a masterclass in functionality. Featuring a removable wristlet strap that can attach to the side or zipper, it transforms effortlessly into a clutch for those chic and elegant moments. The wristlet also includes an adjustable shoulder strap as a crossbody carrying option for heavier loads.

26. Penelope Phone Pocket ($100)

girl with horse wearing a brown phone pocket

The leather phone pocket is a stylish addition to your equestrian ensemble and a practical solution for staying connected while riding. Fastening securely to your belt with two buttons, it is light and easy to put on, providing a hassle-free way to carry your phone everywhere. This Phone Pocket accommodates any type of phone, including larger models, and remains stable at any speed. 

27. Kerrits EQ Backpack ($129.00)

woman wearing black backpack with helmet attached

Whether you’re heading to the stable, the arena, or beyond, this backpack is designed to complement your passion for riding. The Kerrits EQ Backpack stands out with its exclusive Chevron Bits print fabric, adding a touch of equestrian flair and ensuring durability. The fabric is easy to wipe clean, making it the perfect choice for riders who embrace an active lifestyle.

Recognizing the unique needs of female riders, the Kerrits EQ Backpack is custom-tailored in size and fit to accommodate a woman’s torso. This backpack is designed to provide maximum comfort during extended wear, making it ideal for long competition days or working at the barn.

28. AWST Int’l “Lila” Blue Toile Clutch Wallet ($15.99)

woman zipping blue wristlet with black toile horse print

Elevate the style of the fashionable equestrian in your life with the AWST Int’l “Lila” Blue Toile Clutch Wallet. This chic and practical accessory seamlessly blends equestrian charm with functional design. The vintage running horse motif in blue adds an equestrian touch that resonates with their passion.

Gifts for the horses

29. Equestria Sport Grooming Kit ($79.95)

blue horse grooming kit with pockets for brushes and combs

This grooming kit is a game-changer for horse care on the go, bringing together eight essential tools in one handy bag. The ease of having all these tools in one place ensures that every grooming session is efficient and enjoyable. The kit, available in either blue or purple, adds a touch of flair to the grooming routine. The vibrant colors make a statement and reflect the passion for your horse in every brushstroke.

30. Enjoy Yums Horse Treats ($14.95)

3 bags of horse treats in mint, carrot, and apple flavors

Gift Enjoy Yums Horse Treats to the equine enthusiast, and watch the joy and appreciation unfold during bonding moments with their horse. These treats go beyond being a simple snack; they are a testament to the care and consideration of nurturing a healthy and happy relationship between horse and owner. It’s a thoughtful gift that delights the horse and brings peace of mind to the caring owner.

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Whether shopping for Christmas, a birthday, or a special occasion, you can’t go wrong with a horse-themed gift for the equestrian and horse lover in your life. This list will ensure your gift is a favorite! If you still aren’t sure what gift to buy, let your friend or family member choose whatever they like with a Farm House Tack gift card.

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