What To Get Your Horse For The Holidays

What To Get Your Horse For The Holidays

We’ve been talking so much about gifts for your friends and yourself the past few weeks, but we can’t forget the most important person of all! Your horse! 

What would the holidays be without spoiling your favorite four-legged friends a little bit?

So I’ve compiled a list of some perfect gifts for all the different horses in our lives.


1. The Shoe Thrower

Horse that pull shoes

Michelle and I both have horses that LOVE to throw shoes, so we understand your pain if you have a horse with fancy footwork as well. The perfect gifts for these horses are either KL Select Italia Bell Boots or Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots! The KL bell boots are resilient at keeping shoes in place and are extra stretchy, so they make putting them on easier than ever. And if your horse still manages to pull a shoe (my horse Mira, ahem) then a set of Cavallo Hoof Boots are the end all be all! These guys are easy to put on and stay put your whole ride long (trust me I went on a 10-mile hunter pace with them). 


2. The Blanket Shredder

Shredded horse blanket

Image by: Liz Goldsmith

Why some horses think it's hilarious to come in from the pasture with their blankets in pieces, I will never understand. But they are telling you they want a new blankie (whether you want to get them one or not) stat. For horses that like to play rough, you can’t go wrong with the Amigo Bravo 12 line. Featuring a 1200 Denier waterproof outer layer, these blankets will stand up to your horse’s roughhousing while keeping them cozy and cute at the same time.


3. The Grey

It’s inevitable to have a grey and not want to strangle them for coming into the barn like this⬆.

Our greys have to know we love them a little less when they more resemble a black/bay (or a Cheeto / Carolina Ombre) if you live in the Carolinas like us) than grey, right? These horses deserve some good old Quic Silver in their stockings so they can be pearly white for the show ring. Throw a little bow around the top, and you’ve got the perfect festive gift. This has been Sara's horse Kadar's gift for for the past 5 years.


4. The Chunky Monkey

Do you have a horse that has a slight addiction to cookies… or simply looks at the grass and gets fat? Then the Best Friends Grazing Muzzle really will become their “best friend”. Designed to help easy keepers maintain their figure, your horse may not like it to start with, but they’ll thank you in the end!


5. The Chronically Injured

I swear, some horses have an innate ability to injure themselves on thin air. Oh, the footing feels a bit different today? Lame. Somehow found a place to cut their leg in their field? Lame. These chronically injured horses will faint at the sight of a new pair of Catago FIR Tech Stable Boots for the holidays this year! Infused with ceramic fibers, they increase circulation and help speed up healing. Great for after intense schooling sessions or when on stall rest.


6. The Wooly Mammoth

Dawn's horse Chief is the epitome of a wooly mammoth... once the days start getting shorter, his winter floofies come out in full force. So Dawn got him a new set of clippers this year. Our favorites are the Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clippers with a T-84 blade. Super powerful without being overly loud.


7. The Yearling

Lisa's yearling ZuZu can be quite the handful... at the moment she is learning all about cross-tying and let me tell you, she's not a huge fan. She may need some new halters this year after some unfortunate schooling sessions (LOL we've all been there). She's getting the Perri's Premium Nylon Safety Halter because they are such a great quality, but do feature that breakaway crownpiece for the inevitable baby moments.


Share below what you’re getting your horse for the holidays!

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Thank you Christine! I had a lot of fun writing this one, because it’s so accurate it hurts! Haha!

Lizzie - Farm House Tack

Your holiday guide is so relatable- love the photos and categories. Bravo!

Christine C

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