Tips and Tricks From Sara at Farm House Tack!

by Lizzie Lengling June 19, 2021 2 min read


Tips and Tricks From Sara at Farm House Tack!

Y’all have been loving our tips and tricks series that we have slowly been adding to. We thought it would be a great addition to get insights from our very own  team members and fellow rider, Sara!

As a seasoned rider, these are Sara's top-5 daily barn hacks and small tips to help you out with anything from cleaning to upgrading your breeches. 


1. Ketchup does not work in whitetails. Stick to Quic Silver or even hair toner from the drug store!

2. When oiling bridles, get a 5-gallon bucket and pour some oil into that. Undo the keepers but leave everything buckled, then dunk the whole bridle in the bucket. Let it sit for a minute but then promptly remove. Never let it sit overnight or the oil will destroy the stitching. 
3. Keep a toothbrush in your boot polish kit. Brush out your zippers after EVERY. SINGLE. RIDE. This will improve the life of your zippers. 
4. White breeches looking grungy? Use fabric dye and BAM new schooling breeches!
5. Always let your helmet sit out of the bag for a bit right after you ride, it will really help reduce that dank and damp smell/feel.

    So what do y'all think? Have you tried any of these? 

    We would love for you to comment with your favorite tips and tricks below! We are here to help serve riders like you!

    We would love to hear yours, post a comment below and share your horse tips with our Farm House Fam!

    If you have any burning tack/riding/horse questions that you’d like us to answer, comment below and we may answer them in another one of our blog posts.

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    Monika Antoniuk
    Monika Antoniuk

    July 02, 2021

    Love these tips/hacks! They are true and I use them all. Another tip: before 1st use or after every wash of white breeches & white saddle pads is to apply Scotch guard fabric protector. The items will still get dirty but the stains will not “set” and will wash out much easier and cleaner. Re-apply after every wash.

    Morgan Bailey
    Morgan Bailey

    July 02, 2021

    Sara’s 5 bottles of Quic Silver in her tack trunk, is proof enough that it works miracles!

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