The Most Ridiculous Thing a Non-horse Person Has Ever Said To You About Horse

The Most Ridiculous Thing a Non-horse Person Has Ever Said To You About Horse

Recently we asked our followers on social media what was the craziest thing a non-horse person asked them. The results did not disappoint! We collected the funniest and most interesting for you to enjoy also!
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Melissa B.

I stopped at at Subway (in a truck stop) to get lunch on my way to the barn a few weeks ago. In line behind me while ordering was a truck driver. This was the conversation:

TD: It’s pretty rainy and cold out to be riding a horse today. You ARE going riding in those clothes, right?

Me: Yes, I have a riding lesson. I’ll warm up once I start riding.

TD: Don’t you just sit there and the horse does all the work?

Me: I wish.

Paige C.

Years ago we were washing our pony’s fake tail. Someone asked if the winner gets to cut off a horse’s tail.

Riley S.

A co-worker asked if boy horses lift their legs to pee on trees like boy dogs do. Uh no I’m not making this up it’s beyond the capacity of even my wild imagination.

Gretchen S.

My coworker asked me if horses sit in hammocks in horse trailers. He was dead serious, he thought they would be more comfortable hanging instead of standing.

Teddi I.

I asked an owner if they noticed how much weight his daughters horse and gained and he said “well the horses legs don’t look any bigger“.

Susan H.

“Does your horse know who you are when you go to see him?” , “does your dog know who you are “ was my reply.

Amanda C.

My ex once suggested (in all seriousness) I not clean stalls for a few days so they’d “just learn to be neater.”

Lisa B.

We have panicked passers-by stopping every summer to tell us we have dead horses out in the paddocks, because “horses NEVER lie down to sleep!”

Bryan K.

What time will your daughter show today?

Marilea B.

Many years ago some friends and I were going to a dressage show; we had a 3 horse slant load and it was July in Georgia. We’d stopped at a gas station, I think we were having issues with a tire on the trailer, so while we were stopped we lowered the drop down windows and let the horses stick their heads out. They all had fly masks on, and a kid of maybe 10 asked me why the horses were blindfolded. I told him we were kidnapping them and we didn’t want them to see where they were going. I think he may have half believed me… 

Denise B.

“You make enough money to pay someone else to pick up the poop.” She didn’t understand that it’s THERAPY.

Well, there you have it! Whats the craziest thing a non-horseperson has ever asked you? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list!

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“You should put a shock collar on him and zap him to teach him to stop cribbing.”


While riding in the car with her friend, the friend’s mom actually said to my daughter, “ Horse back riding isn’t really a sport, it’s more like a leisure activity, it’s not like you’re really doing anything.”

Endia Veerman

“It’s SUMMERTIME…why do you have blankets and blindfolds on your horses??!!!”

They had fly mask and fly/mosquito sheets on


Love this ! Thanks

Susan Ellis

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