Horses running flies

6 Best Horse Fly Sprays That Really Work

by Michelle Drum April 03, 2021

As enthusiastic equestrians ourselves, we’ve had the same experience! We’ve tested dozens of sprays to find the ones that work best. In this post, we’re sharing our tips for how to best use sprays so they’re most effective, and the six most effective horse fly sprays we discovered. 
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Equestrian jumping saddle

8 of the Best English Jumping Saddles

by Michelle Drum March 24, 2021

A properly-fitting saddle maximizes comfort for both you and your horse and aids performance by sending clear communication from you to your horse. Different kinds of saddles are designed for different riding disciplines, each with features that help you handle the requirements and skills involved in each discipline.English jumping saddles are specifically made for hunter, [...]
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The Farm House give their tips and tricks on putting your hair in a hairnet

How to Put Your Hair Up in a Hairnet for Riding

by Lizzie Lengling March 17, 2021

It’s an age-old question that has plagued equestrians since the dawn of time. Just how do hunter/jumper riders get their hair up under their helmets like that?? Putting your hair up in a hairnet may look daunting at first, but after a bit of practice, it becomes second nature. Read on to see my tips and tricks for achieving that perfect “hunter hair”! 
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woman grooming horse

How To Groom Your Horse for Competition (Step-by-Step Guide)

by Michelle Drum March 15, 2021

Grooming your horse is an important activity, it helps your horse feel better as well as look better. In this detailed guide we'll show you how to groom your horse for competition.
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Finding Your Perfect Horse Show Coat And Fit Guide

Finding Your Perfect Horse Show Coat And Fit Guide

by Michelle Drum March 13, 2021

So you’re in the market for your first horse show coat. Congratulations, you're starting in the right place. There are lots of things to know before clicking a few buttons and buying a show coat.
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Equitation horse jumping and a rider with shiny boots

How To Clean and Polish Your Tall Boots

by Lizzie Lengling March 01, 2021

When it comes to tall boots, it’s no secret that they are an investment piece. That’s why you must be diligent with their care. Not only does regular care increase the longevity of the leather, but proper polishing really makes you stand out as a competitor!
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Pole Exercises For Success

Pole Exercises For Success

by Emily Van de Merwe February 17, 2021

Ground pole exercises are the perfect way to practice without putting a physical toll on your horse. Ground pole exercises teach your horse proper balance and technique and create an opportunity for you to work on being quiet in the saddle and to “feel” your horse when you apply aids...
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Saddle cleaning and care

How to Clean and Care for Your Saddle

by Michelle Drum January 24, 2021

Your saddle is an investment that should last for years with proper care and maintenance. Every time you ride, your saddle is exposed to dirt, sweat, and the elements. The more often you ride, the more frequently it will need to be cleaned. This guide will walk you through the process of cleaning your saddle.
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horse grazing on grass

Equestrian’s Guide to Horse Feed and Nutrition

by Michelle Drum January 18, 2021

Your horse’s nutrition has a significant effect on its health. You have many options available for horse feed and nutrition, and it can be confusing to know exactly what your horse needs for optimal health. In this guide, we share the most important things you need to know about horse feed and nutrition so you can make the right decision for your horse.
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