My Stirrup Leather Broke...

by Michelle Drum August 11, 2015 2 min read

My Stirrup Leather Broke...

In The Middle Of My Over Fences Class At The Biggest Show Of The Year.

Is a story no rider ever wants to be associated with.
When was the last time you checked your stirrup leathers? They are not something we
think of that often, do we? Today, I challenge you to take the #farmhousetackcheck challenge
Is your tack in tip top shape?

10% off ALL leathers, girths & reins through Aug 17th in store and online.
Online customers use promo code FHTackcheck


Bring in your worn girth, leathers or reins and we'll help you determine if your tack needs any maintenance,
repair or if it's time to retire and replace worn tack.

stirrup leather

Old school leathers will start to show wear at the stitching under the buckle. Newer style non stretch / nylon core leathers will start to show wear at the buckle holes you use most or at the stitching seams. If either of these places look worn, it's time for an upgrade.

Bridle breaks mid course

Reins will start to show wear at the stitching for the hook stud or buckles where your reins connect to the bit. The hook stud should sit snug in position and should not wiggle or give. Buckles should be rust / corrosion free. Quality leather, when well cared for can last a very long time. However leather that has been allowed to dry out is likely dry rot and can crack and break with little or no warning.
That wicked inside turn in the jump off is not the time to find out your reins are dry rotted.


Girth is too looseOld girth

Check your girth where the elastic and buckles are stitched together. Stitching should be tight and not show wear. Buckles should be rust and corrosion free and elastic should be tight and smooth with no fraying stitching or elastic strands. If you notice any of these on your girth, don't delay, replace today!

It only takes a few minutes to check over these piece of your tack. Take the
#farmhousetackcheck challenge, tag us in pictures on fb and ig.
Show us what needs retiring in your tack room!

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