All About Flex-On Stirrup Irons

by Lizzie Lengling June 07, 2021 3 min read

Flex-On Stirrup Irons

If you’ve been on the circuit this past year then you have undoubtedly heard someone talking about these crazy new stirrups that have entered the show scene. What just are these stirrups you ask? They are by Flex-On and we have been flexing on them recently (pun completely intended)! Maybe you know a little about them, maybe you already ride in them, and maybe you’ve never heard about them, but I wanted to give you the inside scoop on why riders love Flex-On so much!

Flex-On Stirrup Irons

Flex-On is a French company that focuses on bringing the latest innovations and performance technologies to the equestrian sport. They have a range of stirrups and spurs.


Before we dive into the different models of stirrups, it’s important to highlight all the great performance tech that is imbued into each of these stirrups!

Shock Absorption

One of the greatest features of the Flex-On irons is the superior shock absorption! Each stirrup features special elastomer springs which reside directly under the footbed of the stirrup. When shock and impact are applied from the movement of you and your horse, the elastomers effectively distribute that shock evenly for not only a more comfortable ride, but also exert less stress on your joints! This allows the rider to ride more effectively which in turn keeps your horse more comfortable as well.


The footbeds on all the Flex-On models are unique in that the most popular version features a 45-degree angle to help encourage proper heel flexion to give you more stability in the saddle. A flat footbed is also available, but most riders like the inclined style. Each footbed also comes with either a regular “Grip” tread or “Ultra-Grip” tread. Both offer a good amount of “stick ability”, but the ultra-grip also features small metal studs for even more grip for those moments when you really need it.

Innovative Frame

The stirrup’s frame itself is a lightweight aluminum or composite material, but not too lightweight that it will go floppin’ in the breeze if you end up losing one or both (if you’ve ever ridden in composite stirrups you understand this struggle). The slot where your stirrup leather goes is at a special offset angle which helps keep your leg in the correct position while reducing joint fatigue. Great for anyone with knee or ankle issues!


Another huge draw to the Flex-On brand is how customizable the products are. Riders can pick the color of the frame, elastomers, footbeds, and sticker, as choose other individual specifications. This allows riders to get a custom stirrup that is designed to their specific needs, plus jumpers and eventers love the option to pick out their show colors for competition.


Different Models

Flex-On Aluminum Iron

These aluminum irons are lightweight with a classic chrome finish, and feature 4 small elastomers to distribute shock across the whole stirrup pad as well as an inclined ultra-grip footbed. This stirrup is a favorite among all riders for its classic design.

Flex-On Hunter Iron

Our best-selling stirrup iron! The Hunter version features all the great benefits of Aluminum but in a brand new sleek design that is suitable for all disciplines including the hunter ring! The subtle grey elastomers, stickers, and classic frame shape make the stirrups even more discreet.

Flex-On Green Composite Iron

A favorite for customization! The Green Composite is made with recycled composite material so it is lightweight and comes in plenty of different colors and options to suit your tastes! Want to match your stirrups with your show coat? These are the ones for you.

Flex-On Safe-On Iron

Made with the same lightweight composite material as the Green Composite stirrups, the Safe-On’s feature a flexible outer branch thatreleases with 40kg of force to prevent your foot from being caught in the stirrup during a fall. Simply use the included Allen wrench to put the stirrup branch back in place for your next ride. Also available in a special Junior model, specially designed for smaller feet.



Flex-On came up with something for every equestrian. Whether you’re looking for a sleek look in the show ring or extra support for riding multiple horses every day. Flex-On irons will not only help you ride your best, but also look your best!

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Farm House Tack
Farm House Tack

June 30, 2021

Hey Megan! Flex-On Safe-On’s sound like the stirrups for you! They are the only safety stirrup that opens at the bottom of the stirrups as opposed to the top to be ever more safe in the event of a fall.


June 30, 2021

I have a pair of Flex-one, and I am absolutely in LOVE with them! The are the only stirrups I’ve ever used that didn’t make my knees and ankles sore, even after riding 7 or 8 horses a day… but I am curious to know if there’s any information about riders getting hung up. I rode a lot of green ponies and OTTB’s and it’s the only thing I’ve wanted to know about these wonder stirrups.

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