Eric Dierks Update

by Michelle Drum February 24, 2017 2 min read

Eric Dierks with horses

Following an accident with a hot water heater, Eric Dierks was flown last week to the 
Augusta burn unit with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hands, face and arms.  


        Within 12 hours of the incident Eric under went skin graft surgery to help repair the damage, stave off infection and assist in the healing process. He spent 3 days at the Augusta burn unit before Trayce was able to negotiate his release to bed rest at home - with a very strict no visitors policy at their Renovatio Farm in Tryon, N.C. 

The entire Tryon horse community has rallied together to assist with barn chores, meals & donations to help Eric & Trayce keep the farm and his training horses going while he recovers. Meanwhile a gofundme account set up by a close friend of the family has raised nearly 30,000 dollars in just a few days to assist with the massive medical bills that will no doubt begin piling up. 

When Eric was released last week, the doctors were preparing for the possibility that more grafts may be necessary as the healing begins. Tuesday Trayce & Eric headed back to Augusta for a recheck of how the grafts are taking to his wounds. They left with great news. Although still on 'house arrest' with a strict no visitor policy, the doctors are thrilled with the progress the grafts have made. Eric will still need to return to the burn center for weekly treatments and monitoring of the healing process, but thankfully at this point it appears no further skin grafts will be necessary. 

Meanwhile the community has organized an evening of support for the Dierks' on March 14, 2017 at 7 p.m.. The benefit will be held at the Architectural Warehouse building recently acquired by, the adjacent, Hare and Hound Restaurant. Dinner, music, silent auction & live auction will be offered with the proceeds going to his recovery & medical bills. There is no purchase to attend, simply join us. 

We live in such a generous community, within hours of setting a date for the auction, local industry professionals have stepped up to donate lessons, training, vet visits, farrier appointments, tack, equipment, professional services and TWO saddles. All up on the auction block, to help a fellow equestrian. Currently ideas are being tossed around as to how the live auction can be opened up to individuals who would like to attend but are not local. 

Currently auction donations of physical goods are being accepted at Farm House Tack. Don't live nearby and want to help? We've got a solution for that too! Email for information on how to make a donation or how you can participate in the auction from afar.  

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