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Wilker's Cling On Saddle Pad

Wilker's Cling On Saddle Pad

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We love the Wilker's Cling-On Saddle Pad exactly for the "Cling-On" gripper patches.  The patches keep the saddle in place from the top and the bottom.

One of Wilker's best sellers, The “cling-on” saddle pad features four unique hidden gripper patches.  Two are located on the underside of the pad on either side of the withers and two on the fleece top. The bottom grippers hold the pad in place, while the grippers on top of the fleece grip the saddle in place. So nothing shifts and you can ditch that unsightly 'no slip' pad. These gripper patches help hold the pad in place making conventional attachments unnecessary. This pad comes with girth loops.

Comes With:

  • Gripper Patches
  • Girth Loops (Not Shown)


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