USG Flexi Body Protector- Child's

Flexi-Back Body Protector Vests by USG

The NEW Flexi Back body protector provides great comfort to all riders. The block structure system is designed for a perfect fit with flexibility, ensuring rider comfort. Beta Level 3 standard.

Certified according to EN13158-2009, BETA Level 3. This is the highest level of proection that is offered by a body protector. Outside material polyester, dirt repellant and washable. Comes with a stylish storage cover.

  • Includes block structure system inside for perfect body fit
  • Certified according to EN 13158-2009, level 3, and BETA label level 3
  • Outside material is washable, dirt-repellent Polyester
  • Tape closing on shoulders and sides


Children: XS - XL

Adults: XS - XXXL



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