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Trust Sweet Iron Dee Ring Medium Port Bit

Trust Sweet Iron Dee Ring Medium Port Bit

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We love the Trust Sweet Iron Dee Ring Medium Port bit because the sweet iron promotes salvation relaxing the jaw. The port reduces pressure on the tongue and is great for preventing the tongue from getting over the bit.  The Dee ring keeps the bit from sliding through the mouth and pinching the cheeks. 

The Sweet Iron bits are made of steel and have a recognizable blue color. Sweet Iron will rust when it comes into contact with (air) humidity, the surface rust tastes sweet and naturally stimulates saliva production. This will cause the horse to salivate more, which in turn will encourage a better acceptance of the bit. The process of rusting (oxidation) changes the blue color of the TRUST bits to a brownish-grey. This is the desired effect of the Sweet Iron bits. If a Sweet Iron bit is not used for a while, an orange-brown rust layer may form on the mouthpiece. Simply remove this by wiping the bit with a damp cloth.

  • Dee Ring Medium Port
  • Made of Steel and Sweet Iron
  • Promotes Salvation
  • Encourage a better acceptance of the bit
  • Relaxes the Jaw
  • Reduces Pressure on the Tongue
  • Prevents Pinching the Cheeks

**Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV 1 and per biosecurity measure guidelines suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, The Farm House will no longer accept any returns on bits and bit accessories.**

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