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Trust Inno Sense Slim Flexi Soft Kimblewick Bit

Trust Inno Sense Slim Flexi Soft Kimblewick Bit

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The Kimblewick Flexi Soft comes by Trust and is a kind of jumping curb bit which is ridden with only one rein. The different ways of attaching the reins mean that the rider can decide for himself how hard the bit should act. The lower the rein, the stronger the leverage and the sharper the bit. The cheek pieces are attached to a separate, small ring. The mouthpiece is a bar made of plastic, which is flexible and much softer than metal, so it is very well accepted by most horses. The plastic is without plasticizers and has been tested and declared safe by the FDA. Due to its flexibility, it is a very gentle bit, so it is also very suitable for horses that are sensitive to mouths. The Kimblewick has a milder action than a normal jumping curb bit and should only be used with a chin chain.

Note: As this is a soft material, traces of use may occur due to the horse's teeth. These do not represent a quality defect.


  • flexible mouthpiece
  • different application possibilities
  • with leverage

**Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV 1 and per biosecurity measure guidelines suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, The Farm House will no longer accept any returns on bits and bit accessories.**

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