ThinLine Open Front Schooling Boots

The ThinLine Schooling Boot was designed to be a classy, yet durable and affordable open front boot providing superior protection and comfort for the horse. The pliable, yet firm plastic shell protects the tendons from impact while the ThinLine lining (same material as in the saddle pads) disperses shock and promotes healthy conditions for the horses legs. The molding ability of the lining allows this boot to fit a variety of horses while still providing a tight, custom fit.

ThinLine in horse boot also offers these benefits:

  • Reduces heat build up: ThinLine is 100% breathable keeping tendons cool
  • Keeps skin healthy: infused with USDA approved anti-fungal agents--use on multiple horses.
  • Comfortable for your horse: dirt and arena grit doesn't imbed in the lining, preventing irritation
  • No slip:even in wet conditions. Boots will not absorb water.
  • Easy care: hose off or machine wash, dries instantly.

The performance, style, and durability of these boots are making them a favorite of top riders on the Grand Prix circuit
like Kent Farrington, Beezie Madden, Anne Kursinski and Joe Fargis. Also recently featured on George Morris'
horses in his training articles in Practical Horseman.
One size - fits most full size horses and modern warmbloods.
Ankle boots are also available.

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