ThinLine Gatorbootz Bell Boot

We love the ThinLine Velcro Bell Boot for the cutting-edge technology, coupled with the durability and dirt-free latching system.  The ultimate protection for your horse, these boots are longer-lasting, easy to clean, even have an emergency release, and are made of the highest strength polymers which are not found in any other bell boot.  You're prepared for anything when you ride with ThinLine!  

Redesigned from the ground up, this one-piece polymer horse bell boot offers unmatched durability and protection for your horse. GatorBootz has a patented latch designed to be opened by humans but never by equines. Standard velcro closures are generally the failing point of horse bell boots.  By eliminating Velcro we have greatly extended the lifespan and greatly reduced the hassles of bell boots.  Gatorbootz bell boots make contact on the hoof, not the soft tissue. Bell boot sizing is determined by hoof size.  If you know the size shoe your horse wears you’ll know what size Gatorbootz to order.   Issues of variable fetlock sizing are solved with this design.

  • Ultimate protection
  • No velcro, patented latch
  • Latching system
  • Emergency release
  • Left & right boots are symmetrical.
  • Made from strongest available Polymers not found in any other bell boots.
  • Sold in symmetrical pairs
  • Make contact on the hoof, not on the tissue

The average pair of Gatorbootz horse bell boots lasts 10 months. One-third of horses achieve 36 months of turnout protection.  Additionally, GatorBootz comes with a 5-month full product replacement guarantee GatorBootz’s unique latching system makes it easy to release the boot with just two fingers. Simply hold the top of the boot in your left hand, buckle facing you, pull-down and out with your right hand, disengaging the zip tongue at a 45-degree angle.  The left and right boots are symmetrical, which means you don’t have to worry about left and right boots. To ensure your latch remains closed, slide the latch to the last setting.

The Emergency Release
If your bell boot latch ever appears to be stuck, use the emergency release trick, simply place a hoof pick under the buckle, raise it up a bit, and then the strap will slide out.  Note, not intended for daily use, only if you need to quickly release the latch.  The latch is designed to break at the rivets behind the buckle should your horse manage to get the boot hung on something.  Designed for longevity. The bell portion is made of the highest strength polymers (not found in any other bell boot). Designed primarily as a turnout boot. The patented neck and latch design allows this boot to fit without rubs. GatorBootz is the most durable bell boot on the market.

During normal turnout and riding the latch should stay securely closed. If you find the latch opens occasionally, your boot may be too small, simply contact us for a larger size.  The GatorBootz’s unique latching system makes it easy to release the boot with just two fingers. New designs mean learning a new skill. This boot’s latching system is unique. Hold the top of the boot (black portion) in your left hand, buckle facing you, and pull-down, and out with your right hand (also on the black portion), the zip tongue needs to pull down at a 45-degree angle. Once you do this it will become easy and second nature. We are able to release the boot on the horse with just two fingers. Tips and tricks: if you find the boot a challenge to open the first time, spray a little WD-40 inside the latch. You will not need to repeat this after the first operation. Also, hose off your boot if the latch becomes encumbered with mud to lubricate the latch.  We recommend daily hosing, especially if you are using them for turnout. They wash well in the machine in cold water too.  Enjoy your long-lasting, hassle-free boots! 

GatorBootz may release in very aggressive riding situations such as cross-country competitions or trail riding through mud. Securing the boot with a product like a duct tape will ensure your boots will remain on in the toughest conditions.  Simply tape all the way around the boot, covering the latch. Boots generally do not release in daily situations like turnout.  As you can see in the images, the GatorBootz “holds” to the hoof, not soft tissue. Shoe size equals Gatorbootz size.  GatorBootz is currently available in Size One and Size Two shoe sizes.  We hope you love the newest design in ThinLine Tack Technology.