ThinLine Fetlock Schooling Boots

The ankle boot for every discipline.

  • The perfect boot out on the trail or during competition.
  • Very lightweight and easily adjustable to fit fine to heavy boned horses.
  • ThinLine boots have a breathable lining that vents laterally to pull heat away from the tendons. The anti-microbial feature keeps the horse's skin healthy and allows for use on multiple horses without the fear of spreading fungus and rainrot.
  • These boots do not hold water and do not rub. Horses allergic to neoprene love ThinLine!
  • Dirt will not stick to the ThinLine.
  • Easy clean, just wipe or hose off. No need to hang dry.
  • ThinLine molds to the horses leg when warmed to body temperature for a perfect fit every day on every horse.

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