Tech Siena Plus Stirrups

We love the Tech Siena Plus Stirrups because they are made for riders aiming for victory! These wonderful stirrups combine fine Italian craftsmanship with a technologically advanced design to produce a high performance stirrup iron which offers the security needed by jumper riders at all levels.

The Siena Plus features an aggressive tread that is inclined 4 degrees for better contact with the sole of the boot to provide proper support and prevent slipping. Flashy colors and design details allow you to give a little pop to your look.

The Siena Plus stirrups are equipped with 4 shock-absorbing inserts allowing the stirrup to follow the natural movement of the foot, so that the rider’s performances improve and the comfort feeling increases while riding.

  • Made in Italy, the patented Tech Stirrups are made from aluminum billet and fitted with stainless blocked screws
  • Designed for the Jumpers, the treads are treated with nano-ceramic coating, while the rings are treated with a 20 micron adonization to preserve their beauty
  • The treads feature a 4 degree angle to encourage proper positioning, and they are aggressively patterned to provide grip in any weather and footing conditions
  • Strategically placed stirrup leather eyes provide rider comfort and assist in retrieving lost stirrups
  • Weight: 420g 14,8oz
  • Tread dimensions: 11,5×6,5cm
  • Slope: 5°
  • Finishing: Shiny