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Success Equestrian LLC

Success Equestrian Deluxe Hunter Pad

Success Equestrian Deluxe Hunter Pad

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We love the Success Equestrian Deluxe Hunter Pad because it will stop your saddle from slipping even on hard-to-fit horses over some of the toughest jumps. This pad eliminates the need for additional non-slip rubber padding. It was also designed to fit well with the most popular saddles of today.

We worked with our top riders and their staff to develop this pad with a wider seat, and better silhouette- this saddle pad will not only keep your tack in place but will look exceptional in the show ring. The contoured top line creates a better fit under saddles and is much more comfortable for the horse allowing greater freedom of movement in the shoulder than most other pads that are straight along the topline. And for your horse's added comfort we added a silky smooth material to line the wither area. The entire pad is breathable and our no-slip grip material is antimicrobial. You’ll find that Success Equestrian no-slip pads pull less hair than most regular saddle pads, even in the winter, helping prevent bald spots.

The Deluxe Hunter No-Slip pad will keep your saddle pad and saddle in place. With a contoured topline for a better fit for both horses and saddles. Developed and recommended by professionals, this pad won't bunch up, even after many jumps. No more saddle slipping too far back or riding up the neck and no more over-tightening of girths. It can even eliminate the need for a breastplate on some horses. You'll never have to use additional non-slip rubber padding ever again. This pad prevents slippage on even the hardest-to-fit horses.

  • Keep your saddle pad and saddle in place
  • Contoured topline for a better fit for both horses and saddles 
  • Won't bunch up, even after many jumps
  • Never use additional non-slip rubber padding ever again
  • With an added 1.5 cm open cell breathable foam cushion, this pad offers extra shock absorption and stability
  • The air-flow, grip-bottom layer is completely breathable with a soft satin rub-free fabric on the wither area to ensure comfort
  • Easy to wash with a non-bleach detergent in warm water
  • Available in White
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