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Sixteen Cypress

Sixteen Cypress Wax Canvas Grooming Tote

Sixteen Cypress Wax Canvas Grooming Tote

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We love the Sixteen Cypress Wax Canvas Grooming Tote for its design that helps you carry everything you need while withstanding the wear and tear. 

Sixteen Cypress has created the ultimate grooming tote for barns and on the road for shows, daytrips, or wherever. Meticulously designed, constructed from heavy weight waxed canvas, leather carry handle and logo, and structured for anticipated wear and tear. Eight outer pockets for brushes, hoot picks or horse treats. Sizable center compartments for shampoos, spray bottles, et al. 

This 9.5" tall x 11" round tote is the perfect size to fit your grooming needs, but not unwieldly to carry.  Easy to spray wash clean and is sure to stand the test of time and use. 

  • Heavy-Weight Waxed Canvas

  • Leather Carry Handle & Logo

  • 8 Outer Pockets

  • Sizable Center Compartments

  • Easy to Spray Wash Clean

  • Durable & Long-Lasting

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