Samshield Black Shadowmatt Shimmer Helmet

Samshield has just created a new top option for Shadowmatt and Premium helmets: the ShimmerThe Shimmer Shadowmatt Helmet from Samshield features exceptional ventilation and fit with a stylish Shimmer Top design. The Shimmer Top is a made in Italian polished leather which has been embossed to create a natural sparkling effectThe Shimmer Top lives up to its name. The “shimmering” effect is not only stunning, its attention grabbing as well. The Shimmer Top overlay is spectacularly beautiful, and you are sure to shine in this innovative, gorgeous helmet.

Samshield's innovative and modern Shadowmatt Helmet is a top choice for outstanding head protection while riding. The polycarbonate outer shell with integral visor has an anti-scratch matte finish for long-lasting good looks. Samshield riding helmets have a very sleek, modern, understated profile. Ventilation is achieved with a hidden front air inlet and two rear outlets that channel fresh air through the helmet, keeping you cool. The sturdy, comfortable leather harness has a secure snap closure with easy velcro tab to adjust. The Shadow Matt, also called the Shadowmatt, has a beautiful look and wonderfully comfortable feel.


Most important, the elegant Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet gives state-of-the-art protection that meets stringent safety standards. The inner shell is polystyrene with variable density that disperses impact energy quickly and effectively. Comfortable memory foam liner is secured with snaps, and is easily removable to machine wash. Your helmet stays clean and fresh smelling! The handsome Samshield Shadowmatt provides impeccable style, safety, and practicality. It's everything you want in a riding helmet and more!


The internal comfort foam, “shape memory”-kind, ensuring a constant thickness over the years of use and the semi-rigid jugular cancel all risks of tipping the helmet in case of a violent movement.

This internal comfort foam is removable thanks to a much stronger clip system than the scratch/Velcro system. It can therefore be washed at will in order to constantly be able to wear a clean and fragrant helmet.


A thorough anthropomorphic study led to design an inner-shell form generating an unmatched comfort.

3 shell sizes are available: S, M, L.

Each shell can accommodate 4 to 5 inner foams of different sizes in order to obtain a perfect adjustment to the rider’s head. The size grid is available from 52 to 61.

With this system, it is also possible to follow the growth of a young rider.


Equipped with a front air inlet, the Shadowmatt helmet provides exceptional ventilation. Fresh air is channeled from the front entrance to the back extractors around comfort foam which prevents from sweating.

This concept generates a strong internal airflow avoiding the need for visible and unsightly air inlets: the equestrian elegance is retained without banishing technicality and comfort.

  • Shadowmatt helmet with Shimmer Top
  • Available in Black 
  • Shimmers like water
  • Anti-scratch matte finish
  • Hidden air inlets for ventilation
  • Comfortable, secure leather harness
  • Removable, washable liner
  • Elegant and safe

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