Red Barn Smart Dressage Girth

We love the Red Barn Smart Dressage Girth for many reasons, but the main one has to be its anatomically contoured shape. This girth's unique shape allows the horse to move freely without elbow interference allowing for greater overall comfort and performance.

The Red Barn Smart Dressage Girth from KL Select® is made from supple English leather and handcrafted to the highest standards. Featuring soft, euro-comfort padding to cushion your horse and a gentle contoured shape to help prevent rubbing and chafing in sensitive areas. Easily adjustable with triple elastic on both ends and stainless steel roller buckles. 

From KL Select, Red Barn has made fine English and dressage tack for over ten years, quickly becoming popular in the equestrian world for great quality at a moderate price. The RB Smart Dressage Girth represents amazing value for a lovely, quality dressage saddle girth.

  • Anatomically contoured girth
  • Soft comfort padding
  • Elastic on both ends
  • Stainless steel roller buckles
  • English leather
  • Handcrafted






  • Extremely soft padding, triple elastic on both ends, stainless steel roller buckles

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