Point Two ProAir Air Bag Vest

 The Point Two ProAir equestrian airbag safety vest is a lightweight and durable choice for all Engish disciplines of riding. Because of its lightweight and incredible durability, the ProAir is one of our most popular air vest. Once you put it on you’ll forget you are wearing it, until you come off. Then you will remember exactly why you are wearing it.

The ProAir comes with a pleated neck for optimal inflation time and protection from neck and collarbone injury. The adjustable straps ensure a proper and comfortable fit and the extended shirttail protects the lower back, kidneys, and coccyx.

The ProAir is not designed for use with a Western saddle. 

 Available in black complete with Lanyard, saddle attachment & air canisters. 

Note: Expedited Shipping is unavailable for this item due to the HAZMAT requirements of the C02 canisters. 

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