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Passier Starlight Snaffle Bridle

Passier Starlight Snaffle Bridle

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We love the Passier Starlight Bridle because of the extreme thought that goes into the construction to ensure the utmost comfort for our horses.

A brilliant masterpiece with anatomically-formed and softly padded head piece, for exceptional comfort and pressure relief on the horse’s poll. The shiny patent leather noseband is also softly lined and leaves room for cheekbone and optic nerve of the horse. With waved browband with premium clear crystals.

  • Anatomically-formed
  • Waved browband
  • Softly lined 
  • Shiny patent leather noseband
  • Clear crystals 
  • Pressure relief on the horse’s poll
  • Softly padded head piece
  • leaves room for cheekbone and optic nerve
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