Passier Fortuna Snaffle Bridle

This flat hook stud style snaffle bridle with elastic inserts, which are placed on both sides underneath the browband with strass crystals, convinces by means of its extremely horse-friendly qualities. The elastic inserts cleverly connect the softly padded head piece with the cheek-pieces and the noseband. Pressure on the horse’s poll is therefore effectively decreased and the horse’s chewing activity is clearly encouraged. Tongue problems are avoided for the most part and riding in contact is much more pleasant on the sensitive horse’s mouth, even in the case of beginners. The exclusive Fortuna Snaffle Bridle is provided standardly with a Caveson Special with flash strap.

  • Flat hook stud style snaffle bridle
  • Elastic inserts
  • Soft padded browband, noseband, and headstall
  • Available in Black

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