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Passier Apollo Snaffle Bridle

Passier Apollo Snaffle Bridle

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We love the PASSIER Snaffle Apollo because it is sure to turn heads wherever we go!  Even our horses love it!  This snaffle bridle is designed to provide a comfortable fit for our horses with the head strap on the noseband firmly attached to the headpiece which reduces pressure on our horses' poll.  This is a striking piece that is classical and comfortable in design!

The lacquer bridle Apollo is perfect for glamorous appearances! The noseband special with a softly lined noseband made of high-gloss patent leather impresses at first glance. The horse-friendly headpiece has an extra-soft lining and is connected to the noseband headpiece, so the pressure on the horse's neck is sustainably reduced. Matching the patent leather noseband, the Apollo snaffle has a curved browband with large, mysterious, black, shimmering premium crystals in graphite. A wonderful eye-catcher!

  • Curved browband
  • Patent leather noseband
  • Large, Mysterious, Black, Shimmering premium crystals in graphite
  • Softly lined noseband made of high-gloss patent leather
  • Headpiece has an extra-soft lining
  • Headpiece connected to noseband headpiece 
  • Pressure on neck is sustainably reduced
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