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Nunn Finer

Oakwood Leather Conditioner

Oakwood Leather Conditioner

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We love the Oakwood Leather Conditioner because it leaves our tack feeling soft and supple immediately after use!

This unique leather conditioner contains a special mix of the highest quality all-natural Australian ingredients including Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus and Lanolin plus other penetrating agents that soak completely into the leather, leaving nothing remaining on the surface. This neutral-colored product will soften, naturally moisturize, condition and repel water. In addition, it protects stitching from breaking down and prevents mold and mildew formation. Safe for use on all finished leather products, including tack, footwear, jackets, and upholstered items. Not for use on suede, nubuck or other unfinished leathers.

-4.4 oz. tube (125 gm)

-16.2 oz. jar (460 gm)

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