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Nunn Finer

Nunn Finer Innovativo Shaped Bridle

Nunn Finer Innovativo Shaped Bridle

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Nunn Finer Innovativo Shaped Bridle

The elegant Innovativo Shaped Bridle is a mix of two nosebands. It prevents lateral movements of the horse’s mouth and allows an independent function of figure 8 with a gel center. Constructed from beautiful Italian Leather that is raised and fancy stitched with lovely ivory accent stitching throughout. The figure 8 noseband buckles to the crownpiece on both sides creating a more secure and adjustable fit. The bridle has an anatomic padded inlaid crown for the horses' comfort as well as a streamlined look.

The new Nunn Finer Innovativo English Bridle has curved cavason cheeks that follow below the jaw line allowing for a more anatomically comfortable fit for your horse. Beautiful Italian leather, stainless fittings, and comes complete with rubber reins.

• Italian leather in black or Havana.
• Anatomical design with curved cavason cheeks for a comfortable fit
• Stainless fittings
• Rubber Reins

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