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Fleeceworks Inc.

Memory Foam Light AntiSlip Inserts

Memory Foam Light AntiSlip Inserts

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We love the Fleeceworks Memory Foam Light AntiSlip Inserts because they keep our saddle from slipping but are tucked away and off our horses!

Provides a super close contact with light cushioning. Prevents saddle slippage without having to apply rubber pads directly to your horse’s back. May be cut to customize.

  • Sold in sets of 2.
  • Medium: - Length: 19″ & Width: 7″
  • Large: Length: 20″ & Width: 6.5″(Will be in stock July 2021)

Use the Fleeceworks AntiSlip Insterts with: 

Field Hunter

Perfect Balance Halfpad

Show Hunter

"Fleeceworks developed their patented technologies to keep your equine athlete at the top of their game."

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