JP Korsteel Jointed Uxeter Kimberwick

JP Korsteel offers the unique JP Curved Design. This unique design features curved bars that prevent the bit from hitting the roof of the horse's mouth and eliminate the nutcracker-like action that can pinch a horse's tongue. Like the Pelham, the Kimblewick combines the snaffle and curb bit into one mouthpiece to give the rider added control and to encourage the horse to lower his head. Unlike the Pelham, the Kimberwick's mouthpiece attaches toward the top of a D-shaped cheek instead of to a traditional shank. Because the shank of the Kimblewick's cheek is considerably shorter than that of a Pelham, the Kimblewick is considered milder in the right hands. Made from stainless steel which does not flake or rust and is extremely durable bit meant to withstand generations of use.

Due to the contagious nature of the equine disease EHV 1 and per biosecurity measure guidelines suggested by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, The Farm House will no longer accept returns on bits and bit accessories.