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12" Equine Kong Boredom Buster Classic Kit Stall Toy

12" Equine Kong Boredom Buster Classic Kit Stall Toy

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We love this stall toy! If you've got a horse that finds ways to entertain itself, this is a great solution! Stuff it with carrots, apples, and treats, then hang. Let the fun begin! 

Designed to be hung from a single point and accompanied by a treat ring, this unique application of the KONG® Equine Classic provides mental stimulation and enrichment for all horses. The KONG® Equine Hanging Kit with Treat Ring challenges horses because it swings freely and away from wherever pressure is placed. The KONG® Equine can also be easily separated from the hanging kit by the carabiner for play in pastures.

  • 6.5 lbs of Zootooth™ rubber, a proprietary blend of all-natural rubber that provides greater durability and flexibility (weight may vary)
  • Comes in a green color
  • Comes fully assembled with a treat ring, a rubber bungee with added retention washer, a 6 ft black polyester rope with a loop end, and a black powder-coated screw-lock carabiner
  • Great for stuffing and play in pasture or stall
  • Made in the USA. Globally sourced materials.
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