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Ladies Hammerhead Spurs

We love these spurs because they fit snug against your foot an offer an unbeatable fit.

Hammerhead Spurs are practical and effective for when you need a little more "go" in your ride! Crafted from durable, solid stainless steel that won't ever rust, these spurs feature a 3/4" neck with a classic "hammerhead" end to encourage the horse to move off your leg aids. Sturdy branches that fit snugly against your boot offer an unbeatable fit and easily attach onto the heel of your paddock or tall boots. A lightweight design with standard strap loop on either end accommodates your favorite pair of spur straps, whether they be synthetic or leather!  

When considering the use of spurs, thoroughly examine your leg position in order to select the shank size required for appropriate contact. A general guide is to determine how close your heel falls next to your horse's barrel; the closer your heel to your horse, the shorter the shank with lesser degree of curve is needed. If you have long legs and your heel hangs farther from your horse's side, a longer shank with a higher degree of curve may be necessary for appropriate contact on your horse's barrel.

  • Solid Stainless Steel
  • Hammerhead End
  • Pairs