Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick Leather Fancy Stitched Bridle

Huntley Fancy Stitched Square Raised Hunter Bridle & Reins
Made from the finest imported English leather from J.E. Sedgwick & Co. Ltd. in England, this Huntley Fancy Stitched Raised English Bridle is elegant enough for the show ring yet durable enough for everyday use. Huntley leather is tanned and finished by Sedgwick in England and then shipped to designated Sedgwick workshops where only the most skilled craftsmen may work. Each bridle is meticulously stitched and decorative stitching is added to the nose band, browband, and headpieces. Beautiful braided Sedgwick leather reins and stainless steel hardware finish off the look of this very high-quality Huntley Bridle. Sizes available in Full (Includes 1" Inch noseband), Cob (Includes 1" Inch noseband), Medium Pony (Includes 3/4" Inch noseband), and Small Pony (Includes 3/4" Inch noseband). Beautiful Dust bag included!
  • SUPERIOR LEATHER: Each Huntley Equestrian Bridle and Reins are made from the world's 1# finest imported English bridle leather from J.E. Sedgwick in England. Sedgwick carefully selects only the highest-quality cowhides.  Sedgwick’s superior tanning methods and meticulous quality control measures make it the best bridle leather in the world. 
  • OUTSTANDING CRAFTSMANSHIP: Each Huntley Fancy Stitched Bridle is made by the most skilled craftsmen who meticulously stitch each piece, edges are hand-rubbed and sealed, and finished with a Beautiful Fancy Stitched Classic Design with 12 stitches per inch located on the noseband, browband, and reins.
  • VERSATILE AND ADJUSTABLE: Each Huntley Fancy Stitched Bridle offers adjust-ability for your horse or pony. Each cheek piece and noseband includes stainless steel hardware along with punched holes for the perfect fit. Hook and Loop closures are hand sewn on each cheek piece and braided rein.
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES: The Huntley Equestrian Fancy Stitched Bridle is offered in multiple sizes including Oversize, Full, Cob, Medium Pony, and Small Pony. This bridle is offered in two Sedgwick leather colors, Conker and Australian Nut.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Each Huntley Equestrian Fancy Stitched Bridle should provide a safe ride and years of use for your equine athlete. Each Huntley Equestrian Fancy Stitched Bridle has a one-year manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Conditioning and Caring for Huntley Sedgwick Bridle Leather

Conditioning and caring for the Huntley Sedgwick Bridle leather is very important to the rider and horse.  Sedgwick Leather that is properly cared for will provide a safe ride and years of use for the equine athlete. 

Using synthetic oils, solvents, and fixatives on Sedgwick leather will break down the fibrous structure of the leather.  Dipping or soaking Sedgwick leather in oil will damage the leather by oversaturating the leather fibers and will cause the sealed edge, along the raised sections of the bridle, to dissolve.  



  1. Always check the fit of the bridle before treating with leather care
  2. Apply a healthy coat of Huntley Sedgwick Leather care to both the grain (top) and flesh (back) of each piece of leather using a sponge or towel
  3. Allow to dry, apply an additional coat of Huntley Sedgwick leather care if needed.
  4. When dry to the touch, buff with a soft, dry cloth.
  5. Place leather in a bridle bag, store in a climate-controlled environment, away from dust


  1. Clean off dirt, sweat and hair with a clean towel after each ride
  2. Carefully dampen a sponge or towel with water
  3. Squeeze excess water out of sponge or towel
  4. Gently clean each piece of leather with a natural glycerin soap or saddle soap
  5. Wipe off any excess soap with a clean towel
  6. Place leather in a bridle bag, store in a climate-controlled environment, away from dust


If bridle leather feels dry, has been exposed to inclement weather, or a damp environment, apply Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick Leather Care to the leather.  Allow leather to dry.  Apply an additional coat of leather care if needed.