Horseware Dalmar Front Eventer Boots

Dalmar eventer front boots are high performance horse boots manufactured using F1 technology. Carbon fiber is used in these Eventer boots by Dalmar providing superior injury prevention for tendons, the suspensory ligament, cannon bone and fetlock joint. The Dalmar patented Aircooling system prevents overheating, a common problem with most eventer boots.

More Details

Large Size suitable for :

      • Warmbloods
      • 16.1hh - 17.2hh approx.
      • Boot length 26.5cm

Medium Size suitable for :

      • Thoroughbreds
      • 15hh - 16hh approx.
      • Boot length 25.5cm

Air Cooling

Conventional boots and bandages insulate the horses' tendons and prevent heat escaping. The Dalmar patented cooling system utilises the high speed cold air hitting the front of the horses' leg to pass through the boot and to cool the tendons while the horse gallops.

Fitting Instructions

Before fitting ensure that the horse's legs and the insides of the boots are clean and free from stones or dirt.

While holding the protective panel against the back of the leg, wrap the single piece fastener all the way around the leg in one smooth motion.

The fasteners wraps anti-clockwise around the left side leg and clockwise around the right leg, like traditional bandages. When applied correctly the brand labels should be facing forward.

When applied correctly the boots should not be free to slide up or down or rotate around the leg during use. If the boot appears loose reapply it putting greater tension on the fastener.

When in use the hook and hoop fastener should be smooth, pressed down firmly and there should be little or no space for dirt to enter between the boot and the horse's hoof.

New design has the following improvements

    • new flatter design
    • softer material